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How do I root trio stealth g2 10.1?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by suprafreak, Dec 28, 2013.

  1. suprafreak

    suprafreak Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I figured this tablet was the best bang for the buck when i got it for $99

    it has a pretty good processor 1.5ghz dual core cortex a9
    1gb of ram
    16GB of storage and a sd slot up to 32GB
    adequate gpu
    android 4.1.1
    front and rear camera
    10.1 inches

    the screen is low on resolution and you hav to look at it a certain way so you wont see a negative image
    battery life and charging station is pretty weak.
    it doesnt connect to my pc as a usb device, just as a media device (adb)
    but thats all that i can see thats wrong with it.

    oh and that it has little to no aftermarket support because its the most generic tablet out there.
    there is nothing about it on slatedroid forums or this one lol.
    alot of people, i would think will get the tablet because its a good deal.

    but how do you root it?
    i would think its going to be a much more tedious process than any other android device i had.
    this tablet has tons of potential, probably will rival the mainstream higher end devices if there was a way to root, flash roms, and customize kernals for overclocking. maybe a higher screen density.

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  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    Basically you don't. Unfortunately with things like this, there's no information available and the manufacturer is unknown. You sometimes might get lucky with one of the generic rooting tools, however there's a very real risk that it could irreparably brick the tablet.

    Cons: Crappy battery life and screen is about right for a cheapie. Connecting as a media device MTP is correct for any 4.1 Jellybean device. I use Airdroid myself and do any transfers wirelessly, don't even need to plug it in.

    There's some very good reasons why a device like this is only $99 and not $199, like a Samsung or something.
    You might want to read our forum sticky about them...

    BTW happy new year from China.
  3. eliten

    eliten Lurker


    manualesengeneral. blogspot. com/2014/01/como-ser-root-en-una-tablet-trio.html
  4. doublemag

    doublemag Lurker

    I just thought I would share because I tried a number of ways to root my trio stealth 10.1. Z4 root, cydia impactor, poot, motochopper, framaroot, and a few more. I finaly got my tablet rooted with Kingo Android Root. I uninstalled all the superusers that I had on my tablet then I ran kingo. After it was done I installed superuser from market and that was it. I am not sure if all the ways I tried to root my tablet helped Kingo root but I just thought I would share if there is anybody that has not had any luck rooting the Trio Stealth 10.1. This is my first time ever posting but I had so much trouble rooting this tablet I thought I would share the info. Good luck to you!
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  5. Dunard

    Dunard Newbie

    My grandma got the Trio Stealth 10 with Android 4.1.1. It doesn't have 16gb space. Internal Storage 1.8gb and Internal SD 3.54gb. I put a External SD 29.27gb in her tablet. I put KingRoot on her tablet. Now I gonna try to install Root from SuperSU update. If it pass installing the real root then I gonna uninstall KingRoot afterward. :)

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