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::How Do I Save An Image That Has Been Sent To me (MMS)?::

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by honugirl, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. honugirl

    honugirl Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Has anyone figured out how to save a pic from a mms message. I know if u get a email it let's u down load then it saves it from there. Just can't figure out. Any tips....... anyone :)


  2. sylo88

    sylo88 Newbie

    I really don't think it's possible to do that yet.
  3. pestilence

    pestilence Well-Known Member

    People have been saying the only way is to forward the mms to your gmail account and the save it.
  4. Dzeimsas

    Dzeimsas Newbie


    I hope I am just overlooking the obvious but I cannot for the life of me save an picture from an MMS into my photo library... I click on the picture once and it blows it up full screen and if I hold down that particular message it gives me the option to (View, Call, Forward, View Details, and Delete). Is there any way to save it to my library so I can save it?

    Thank you in advance! :)

  5. zewm

    zewm Lurker

    Did you try long pressing the picture?
  6. Dzeimsas

    Dzeimsas Newbie

    Yes I did... When I "long press" the photo that is when I get the options for (View, Call, Forward, View Details, and Delete). I have really tried everything... Im not sure it is possible. Im going to look in the phone settings and see if there is something in there... Thanks!
  7. Dzeimsas

    Dzeimsas Newbie

    Yes... I am dealing with the same issue... I posted another thread earlier today, I just seen this one though, so far that is the only annoying issue... kind of sucks if you have to forward it to your gmail account... i wanna save it to my phone dang it! ;)
  8. Syrax

    Syrax Member

    This is a known problem with the G1, The only work around for now is to forward the message as an email to you gmail and then download it to the SD card
  9. Dzeimsas

    Dzeimsas Newbie

    Well... That seems like quite the manual process... We need automation! :) Hopefully they will get that corrected in the next few updates or so. Thanks man!
  10. torrye

    torrye Lurker

    Someone sent me a picture in a text message and I can't save it. Does anyone know how or know if that is a function. I'm getting frustrated. I like the phone but simple things like saving a pic shouldn't be an issue. :thinking:
  11. 66batman

    66batman Newbie

    Well, the funny thing is, when I forward the message to my gmail acount all I get is blue question marks and no picture. So, I send it to my yahoo account and it work nicely, I was able to save it from there. How lame is that! Can't even save images through google, have to go to through another source to do it. I hope they get their act together soon!

  12. shivers316

    shivers316 Godmember

    Yeah, hopefully Google has been seeing all these complaints and implements a save option in a future OS build.
  13. StarLog

    StarLog Newbie

    I cannot even figure out how to forward the current mms to my email account.

    When I look at the one with the pictures there is no option to forward.

    Any help is appreciated.
  14. shivers316

    shivers316 Godmember

    Long press on the area surrounding the pic and a menu will pop up with forwarding as an option.
  15. StarLog

    StarLog Newbie

    No long press around the picture area does nothing but bring up a pause start time line. no action no joy.
  16. Scottdroid

    Scottdroid Newbie

    Yeah, I don't know why, but I can't long press MMS pics anymore either. It used to work but now you have to scroll up to it with the trackball and long press the trackball. Does the same thing as the screen long press method.
  17. StarLog

    StarLog Newbie

    Sctoo, thanks that worked, but my email never arrived at gmail or my perrsonal mail. oh well will have to be patient for a newer release I have RC30.
  18. joerod77

    joerod77 Lurker

    66Batman, I noticed that very thing myself. I'm able to forward to my gmail, and I click the "show pictures" button, and it never loads the image, just the same blue question marks. Hopefully, another OTA will resolve this issue, it kinda defeats the purpose.
  19. SpoonyGSR

    SpoonyGSR Lurker

    Yepp... thats exactly whats going on with me.
  20. shivers316

    shivers316 Godmember

    Don't long press the pic, long press the area around the pic in the message itself.

    Edit: also it won't work if you forward it to your gmail. It has to be forwarded to one of your POP accounts if you have one set up.
  21. STORM3333

    STORM3333 Well-Known Member

    Will be in the corner waiting for the answers updates or whatever!
  22. punkzanyj

    punkzanyj Android Expert

    worked for me, I forwarded it to gmail, it popped up a second later and was able to download to the phone, no problems.
  23. Dzeimsas

    Dzeimsas Newbie

    ...Yeah, unfortunately the only solution right now is to "long press" on the area around the picture that was sent to you and then one of the options will be to Forward. Then just forward the pic to any email address, preferably your Gmail account.

    Hopefully they will correct this issue in a future OS update.
  24. StarLog

    StarLog Newbie

    Well, it worked, my gmail was received 24 hours laterr, whats up with that.?
    Also the same email was sent to my personal home email and work email just to test, and it also arrived 18 to 24 hours later.

    The smtp servers must have ahd a problem.

    I am happy atleast we have a workaround even if it is like using a commodore. lol
  25. erbal210

    erbal210 Lurker

    there is now a save mms app!

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