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How do I screen record or video capture Galaxy S4 Galaxy Note 8.0

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by varxtis, Jan 3, 2014.

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    I have a Galaxy S4 and a Galaxy Not 8.0 I am trying to screen record (video capture) both/either devices.

    Im trying to find out what options there are for screen recording or video capturing... however you want to say it (like screen scapture, but a video recording instead of just a picture/screen-shot). Im open to any confirmed suggestions and methods. I find it frustrating that I see tutorials and adverts for apps in which the developers have done screen recording, but ive been searching for over a year for confirmed ways, rooted or not, and i can't find anything. I've search high and low for the free/rooted method, theres no app (There's ASC by Benzul, but it gets really bad reviews). If I go the hardware game capture method, there's no specific capture cards that are proven and confirmed working for my devices. I have already tried the roxio game capture hd pro and El Gato game capture hd, neither of it work. I have a 3rd party MHL-HDMI adapter as I couldn't get my hand on an official Samsung one, but no one can even tell me for proof positive if maybe THAT is why the devices I have tried don't work. It works fine on my receiver and tv.
    Any way:
    Does anyone know of any hardware or software methods for Screen recording (video capture)? Any help would be deeply appreciated.
    The preferences would go
    1. Non hardware method for non rooted
    2. Non hardware method for rooted
    3. Hardware method for non rooted.

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