How do I set up stock calender?


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How do I get the calendar that came on my phone to display a month view on one of my homescreens by default? I want it to be open all the time...not need to tap on it and select month view. TIA!


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I love "Agenda Widget" but there are others you can download. I think the only widget that comes with the calendar is the small one that displays only one day's events.

If you want that one, go to an empty screen (or half empty), press and select widget from the popup. Then choose "calendar".

If you don't want that one I believe you'll have to download one. There are a lot of good free ones.


I use an App Called "Jorte", strange name I know. But it comes with widgets ranging from 1x1, to 5x5. I use the 4x4 version that shows the full monthly calander. It syncs well with Google Calander.