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Good day everyone,
Please I am very very new to Android App development, I'm a complete nob but I really have a desire to build apps for the android platform. I recently downloaded an android tutorial pdf which I use to practice, I have installed on my PC ADT and Android Studio, but everything seems to complicated to me, the java language and everything looking soo hard. I managed to sail through and mastered the codes for Activities, Services but I got stuck when I got to the Content Providers chapter of the tut. The thing is I dnt knw how to write java.
Please what I need to know now is; what is the most basic of Android app development? Where do I have to start from first? and the steps to follow.
Thanks alot in advance


Good luck. I have made several attempts to get help. Not a single reply. This seems to be an expert only website. Buy lots of books and find a course to study like me.



Do you have any development experience?

In case you don't, the starting point is learning the basis of programming.

In case you do, but you don't have experience on Java...let's say you have experience on PHP or other language, the starting point would be then get to know the specific features of the language.

I remember that when I jumped from PHP to Java I used this web-site to get the knowledge.

Java Tutorial

Once I learnt Java, I started with Android development, which even though uses Java it also introduces new approaches, methods and features that may be confusing if you haven't worked with Java before.

So my recommendation is to not skip steps, it'll take more time, but in the end your app will be better quality.


I too have asked this question many times but to no help. Can someone show us the link to a website with complete set of tutorials?


You definitely should learn the basics of programming. I don't know any good tools off-hand, but a quick google search may point you in the right direction.

Have you tried CodeAcademy? It looks promising.

Once you get started, the best way I've learned is to pick up a small project you are really passionate about. It's incredible how effectively you can learn when you have a clear goal in mind.

Good luck!


Code Acedmy looks great. But I'll have to see if they teach Android development as well. It doesnt say on the front page of their website.

Thanks though, it looks like a wonderful site :)


The best tutorials and explanation for every android built-in API is available on their official site Android Developers Start following this from beginning and you'll not need any other helping material if you have basic programming experience.
What I find helps is to start with a small android app that you'd have fun writing (and that you'd use personally). This will give you motivation to complete the app and learn each step of the way.

Android has a huge dev community. When I was learning Android, whenever I hit an issue I'd google it and 99% of the time an answer would show up on stackoverflow.