Help How do I stop old market from updating?


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Ok so everytime I use the market it updates to the new crap one.
The slow, laggy one that FCs everytime I try to update an app :(

When it first updated a few weeks ago I was able to uninstall it and it stayed as the old one till last night.
Now everytime I uninstall the update and try to go into it within a few minutes it's back to the new version again.

Any ideas?

Ohhh post 666 - awesome! :)


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Well fixed it... in a roundabout way.
Flashed the new Redux test and it's fine now, well as fine as that crap market can be.

Just need to recook my theme now - forgot how gash Redux looks as stock ;)


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delete marketupdater.apk, either adb or root explorer if s-off. Or reflash redux, but remove it from the rom first.