Jul 23, 2010
I have searched all around and no answer. I have many contacts that I got onto my phone through my simcard and I want to sync them with gmail. How do I do this? I have a Vibrant. The contacts are also synced to tmobile's online thing, but I don't like the interface.
I assume since you brought the contacts with you via sim card that they are listed in your phone as 'phone' contacts and not 'google' contacts...... so first you need to change that if thats the case........

open your contacts....... menu>export to sd card then delete all contacts

then import contacts from sd card as google contacts

next you need to sync them to google......goto your phones settings and find sync........ should say something like "accounts & sync" or similar.... select google from the list...... then select sync contacts........ this will sync them to your gmail account associated with your phone