How do I transfer Android contacts, from one Android to another when I don't have Gmail acct info


Help Please

My business associate died suddenly and I don't have the PW to his Gmail account.

I have his phone which is a DroidX about 3-4 years old with Verizon. It originally had Android 2.3.4, but has probably had updates since then. I can post all the other "About Phone " info if that helps.

I myself have a GalaxyS2 with Sprint. My phone is running 4.0.4

What I need to do is transfer the 1st phones contacts to my phone. Or put the 1st phone's contacts on an SD card. Then I can turn off the Verizon account ( and pay them to forward it to my Sprint line if they will do it ).

Since I don't have the Gmail account info for the 1st phone I need help in saving the contacts. Does anyone have any ideas?

Any help appreciated.


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try mybackup pro(its not free, not sure about the free version). you can backup contacts to the sd card. all you will need to do is switch the cards, download mybackup pro to your phone and restore the contacts.


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My back up lite (free version) will due here. No disrespect intended in the correction ocn.

All you need to do is put my backup lite on the droid x, back up contacts and switch out the sd cards and reload them using my backup on the GS2 as ocn previously said.



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My Back Up Lite worked.

I backed up to the Droids SD card, and then emailed it to my Google acct. This put it on an Excel File, and I imported that to my Google Contacts. So I have the contacts. Thanks everyone.