how do I transfer everything from Nokia 5800 to incredible?


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Hey folks, this is my first real post here, so please be patient with me!

I currently on Centennial wireless, which got bought out by at&t, I was stoked about getting a NEW 4g iPhone HD or whatever its going to be called, but now I see Verizon has this incredible looking incredible. I am going this week to verizon to do some hands on, and if its what I am seeing on youtube and reviews, I will likely order one while there and drop cent/at&a and join Verizon.

SO, my question is, I currently have a nokia 5800. Does anyone know the easiest way to transfer my contacts and calendar over? I use the calendar A TON. LOTS AND LOTS. So there is no way I can manually transfer them. I have 400+ contacts, with some of those contacts having 6 numbers!

I don't mind manually transferring from my pc the pics, music, etc.

Thanks everyone! So far, I am loving this forum and all the awesome info/help/knowledge on here!


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I know zip about symbian since I jumped ship from Nokia's steaming pile long ago, but there must be a gmail sync solution for it somewhere. As long as you can transfer contacts to your google account, you're golden. Not sure about the calendar, but again, if you can import into google calendar, that'll sop the trick too.