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How do I transfer mp3's to ZTE from computer?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by VonDutch72, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. VonDutch72

    VonDutch72 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I cannot find the answer to this question anywhere for my phone! :mad: I don't have a ZTE Score, rather a ZTE Chorus, but I cannot find the procedure anywhere. I was wondering if someone could please help me... :thinking:

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  2. Rites

    Rites Lurker

    Music downloaded from muve can NOT be transferred
  3. Devicive

    Devicive Newbie

    Read: To ZTE From Computer.
    Have you tried just placing one on the SD card yet?
  4. Devicive

    Devicive Newbie

    Just had something cool to throw out there. The app "MP3 Ringtone Maker" is basically a free music downloader. They don't have everything but do have allot.
  5. jcarson702

    jcarson702 Lurker

    First you must have the driver, or here (scroll down to zte mass storage driver), needed for your computer to recognize the phone, then it's simply a matter of connecting the cable and transfering the files from your computer to the phones audio folder located in the media folder. Hope this helps.
  6. stedman420

    stedman420 Guest

    This phone doesn't have a media folder unless you make one. All you gotta do for this phone is place the mp3's on your sdcard then you can play them. You could actually make a music folder on your sd and throw them all in there and they show up and play just fine. Hope this helps :)
  7. LudwigYoung

    LudwigYoung Lurker

    If you are using a SD card, try drag and drop on your computer.
    If your phone doesn't have an external storage, you can try Phone Transfer.
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  8. ryleighparker

    ryleighparker Lurker

    You can also sync all your music to Dropbox and then you can access it from any device. But for simplicities sake, sd to pc will work fine. Its always good to make a copy of the entire sd just in case data gets corupt or if you ever need/want to format the sd card.

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