Help How do i transfer music via USB cord on my TB??....

This has never been an issue with any of my previous phones as i would simply drag and drop the music into the phones music folder but with my TB i cannot find the folder anywhere when i plug it in.... It gives me 4 options on the phone when i plug it in

--Charge only

--Disk Drive (mount as disk drive)

--htc sync (sync calenders)

--Internet passthru (connect phone to internet via PC)

None of these seem to work... what am i doing wrong? Any help guys? Im slightly annoyed with this.


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Disk drive, make sure you have drivers installed, if it doesn't try to open the disk automatically you can navigate to it with the file explorer on your CPU, should look like a removable disk


Another option is to use the Amazon cloud. I think they were offering free cloud storage if you bought some music from them. Granted I hate buying music from Amazon/iTunes/etc because all it takes is one bad business decision by them to bring down your library. Ask me about the songs I purchased via MusicMatch Jukebox after I bought their "lifetime" license.....