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Nov 7, 2009
Ok so I bought a few apps with my account but now I'd like to use my google apps for your domain account as my primary account. How do I transfer the ownership of those applications to my other account so that I can download them for free?

I've tried adding my account as a secondary account and I'm not able to see that I purchased the applications that I've purchased.
From all I have been able to find out you cant do this.

Its a copy protection thing.

However I have heard rumors about rooted phones having access to the file on the phone that can be saved to pc and then reloaded.

I dont know how to do it myself and not even sure I would be allowed to post it if I did.
I realize this is an old post, but if anyone has any more interest in this I thought I'd post. I haven't tried this so I don't know if its a solution but...

In gmail and google apps domains, you can specify a second email address to be attached to your google account. This way, when you log in with the second emial address it still recognizes you as belonging to your existing account.

You could just tie your google apps address to your account, then use the apps email as primary on your phone. Theoretically, since it now recognizes the two as a single google account it could work.

As a side note, google apps accounts have a lot of draw backs on android. Things like Google Latitude, and Calendar event syncing have a LOT of bugs when trying to work with apps accounts. Just food for thought.