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How do I update Android in a Galaxy Ace 2?

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by Android Question, Jan 2, 2014.

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    My Galaxy Ace 2 (model GT-I8160, phone network O2 in the UK) is using Android version 2.3.6. I would like to update/upgrade this to at least version 4. I understand this is supposed to be possible and fairly straightforward, but after a few hours of trying, as described below, I seem to have got nowhere.

    First, I tried "software update" on my handset:
    settings - about phone - software update - update = "no update available"
    settings - about phone - software update - auto update - ticked = nothing happens
    settings - about phone - software update - push message - ticked = nothing happens

    Next, I tried connecting my phone to Kies. I downloaded Kies onto my computer from the samsung.com/uk/support website, opened Kies, and connected the USB from my phone to my computer (which, incidentally, charged up my phone - so at least I know the USB wasn't entirely broken). Nothing happened for several minutes, so I tried again. Again nothing happened, so I tried again, this time leaving it for half an hour. When I looked again, connection still hadn't happened and there was a message on the computer screen (I can't recall exactly what it said, but it was a simple instruction, which I followed).

    I clicked on USB troubleshooting. On the second or third attempt, when I checked after half an hour, it said it was complete, so I tried connecting again. No joy.

    Then, on my handset, I tried:
    settings - applications - development - USB debugging - tick
    switch off the handset, switch it on again
    settings - applications - development - USB debugging - untick
    and tried to connect again. No joy.

    I then tried connecting via WiFi. On the second attempt, when I left it for half an hour and then checked, there was a message on my computer to the effect that the system couldn't find some other, necessary system on my C drive. I can't recall exactly what the message said. I spent a little while looking for the necessary system myself, without success. At some stage, maybe even at the initial message, I can't recall, it was suggested that I restore my computer to some sort of earlier setup. I didn't want to go there, so I left it.

    I am at a loss. Remember, what I want is to update/upgrade my Android version.
    (a) Is there a way for me to connect to my computer through Kies?
    (b) If I cannot connect to my computer through Kies, is there some other way to do achieve the update/upgrade?

    What shall I do?


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