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how do i watch dvd's on nexus 7

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by stargirl29, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. stargirl29

    stargirl29 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I've been searching for free software to convert DVDs to watch on my nexus. preferably free programs. I assume mpg4 is the format I would need. after I convert it dumb question how to get it to my nexus to watch? (don't want YouTube Cruz I want to watch offline too)

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  2. Rhyan

    Rhyan Member

    There are many choices out there, but my preferred method uses two programs:
    - DVDFab (free portion - called HDDecrypter - it also does Bluray)
    - Handbrake

    DVDFab is used to decrypt the DVD (strips off the copy protection), and then Handbrake is used to convert the decrypted files (DVDFab outputs to a directory of VOB files) into an MP4 file. Handbrake has several profiles for different types of outputs depending in the desired device. For my Nexus 7, I tend to stick to the "Android High" setting.

    Once you have your MP4 file from Handbrake, it's a case of connecting the Nexus 7 to your computer using the USB cable and copying the file into the "Movies" directory (ignore the warning message that might pop up - something about unknown filetypes). The standard pre-installed video player will run the MP4 file fine. I tend to use MX Player (free app from the store) to play videos, as the controls are nicer, and it plays other filetypes too.

    Hope that helps!

  3. Seaduster

    Seaduster Lurker

    Although it wasn't free software, I found the following process extremely easy and it lets me keep my movies on a USB flash drive.

    Purchase DVD Catalyst 4 software ($9.95) for your PC (I'm sure there is other free software out there)
    Purchase an OTG (On-the-Go) Cable for Nexus 7 from Amazon ($1 to $8)
    Purchase a USB flash drive (my 16gb held 7 movies with space left for approx 5 additional movies)
    Download the Nexus Media Importer app to your N7.

    Upload your DVD to your PC using DVD Catalyst 4
    Download the DVD to your USB flash drive
    Connect your USB flash drive to the OTG Cable
    Insert the OTG Cable into your N7. Your Nexus Media Importer app will open (click OK) and select the DVD you wish to watch.

    I hope this helps.
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  4. CoreyV

    CoreyV Member


    DVD Catalyst 4 is so worth the $10 vs messing around trying to find the right combination of freewares. It's kind of idiot-proof when there is an actual recommended settings labeled 'Nexus 7'. Very plug n play.
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  5. stargirl29

    stargirl29 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    thanks for the tips. i purchased dvd catalyst.

    i had a couple questions. i used the nexus fast setting when i converted my dvd. but i don't know what the difference between fast & normal setting is.

    how many movies (approximately) can i fit on a nexus 32gb?

    and lastly, should i use another program to compress the video even more?
  6. stargirl29

    stargirl29 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

  7. whs37

    whs37 Android Enthusiast

    The amount of movies you can fit depends entirely on the size of the movies. I have some that are 5MB and others that are 500MB. Best is to put them on a USB stick and play them with the OTG cable.

    But on the 32GB you also have quite a lot of space. And don't compress.
  8. stargirl29

    stargirl29 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    yea, i know it depends on length of movie' was just looking for a ballpark. but thx.
  9. whs37

    whs37 Android Enthusiast

    Look into the Properties of your movie files. There is says how many MBs they are. Then you can appr. figure it out yourself. 1GB is 1000MB. I always figure 300MB for 10 minutes. But that can vary a lot depending on filetype. framerate, framesize, bitrate, etc. - all this info is in Properties > Details tab.
  10. McTracy

    McTracy Lurker

    How long does it typically take to convert a movie (ballpark). I downloaded DVD Catalyst 4 but can't tell if it's actually running.
  11. McTracy

    McTracy Lurker

    I got the answer to my last question (it took approx 40 minutes) but the download to the Nexus would only display in vertical. Is there a way to watch (or convert-download) horizontally
  12. whs37

    whs37 Android Enthusiast

    That is very strange. It should play in both modes. I do not have that problem - but I convert with this program which is very fast: Format Factory Home Page - Free media file format converter

    And here I made a little tutorial that shows you how to use it - very easy: https://vimeo.com/9283805
  13. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    He is what I do:

    1. Use DVDShrink to rip the DVD to my hard drive.
    2. Use Handbrake to convert the output from DVDShrink to MP4.
    3. Copy the MP4 file from my computer to my Nexus 7.
    4. Clicked on the file using a file manager and play it in the default video player.

    Works fine for me, landscape or portrait.

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