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How do you carry your A100?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jschall, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. jschall

    jschall Member
    Thread Starter

    Unlike my "old" Archos 5, the A100 in its folio case won't fit in my pants pocket.

    If I want to use it away from home, I will have to put it in a bag of some sort. Not a problem for the ladies with their purses, of course.

    How do you get about with your A100?

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  2. modctek

    modctek Lurker

    Unfortunately, if I don't have my backpack, then it's carried by hand in a zip-up case. This has resulted in being left behind once so far. Luckily, I remembered I left it behind and recovered it. The only way you could probably carry this thing without having it dangle from your belt on a hook or pulling your cargo shorts off while stuffed into an over-large pocket is to somehow tuck it into the small of your back in your pants. I wear a suit most days, so this works in a pinch when I need both hands free, but I wouldn't trust the pad to stay put if I needed to jog across a street. During rainy season, my overcoat might have pockets big enough to hold it, but the weight would make the coat very uncomfortable.

    Sadly, the only other option is a shoulder strap, or a completely impractical shoulder holster. :(
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  3. jschall

    jschall Member
    Thread Starter

    That was an amusing and insightful reply.

    I might have to invest in a purse...
  4. John Starke

    John Starke Newbie

    I am retired so my cargo pocket of my pants or my safari coat pocket works just fine. Mine is in a roocase which adds just enough cover to protect it and has a strap for one handed reading or a folding position for landscape reading on my chest at night. I really like the unit which has replaced my Kindle. ( We will not discuss the upcoming Kindle Fire which is much much cheaper at $199.) I paid $328 at Amazon. Of course the new Kindle Fire has no cameras, as if I would ever use it/them. I bought the A100 for reading and email on the road. It replaces my 14" HP laptop, and it will do everything it will do.
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  5. John Starke

    John Starke Newbie

    When I used to travel to Italy all the Italian men carried purses, at least a lot did. Easy to leave behind though.

    I had a friend who decided he would get one. He also filled it with several hundred dollasr of 2 dollar bills so he could tip and be remembered by the waiters where he traveled. He left the purse in a restraurant the first day. He got it back, minus the 2 dollar bills. I guess that guy never forgot him for sure,
  6. jschall

    jschall Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for the anecdotes, John!

    I have been practicing carrying my A100 in a "purse" which is really a small Case Logic gadget bag intended for a portable DVD player. I have already forgotten it once in the car.

    I'm shopping for an elegant "man purse", or "murse"...
  7. zap2

    zap2 Lurker

    Backpack,in my jeans back pock, inner coat pocket near my chest.

    It depends where I'm going and for how long. When I put it in my backpack I have a small case, but it's naked when its in a pocket

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