How do you clean your Nexus Screen??

Bren S.

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Just wondering how everyone cleans their screens??

I have a microfiber cloth that I use for touch ups through out the day. (Yes I'm a bit of a fanatic)

But for those who don't keep up with it quite as obsessively as I do what do you use to clean the screen ?


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About once a week I use a wrung out alcohol pad. It takes off more ick than I'd like to admit. In between I usually use a microfiber cloth or my jeans.


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I just slip mine in my cargo pants pocket, usually it's nice and clean when I pull it out...that is unless my wife uses it and get makeup on it, then I just use my shirt.


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I have a screen protector, usually use the small microfiber that came with the protector to wipe it down once every few days.


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I'll use my shirt on it during the day if I notice that's it's really bad, but normally I'll hit it up with a microfiber cloth (from my ipod of all things :eek: ;)) a few times a week.



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I use my cleans up just fine...I'm not gonna use liquid anything on my phone, I don't care what it is.
The lens cleaners work great, but I would highly recommend a screen protector, you can get a pack of 10 on ebay for 99 cents and they definitely help to keep my phone from getting scratched or dirty.


I have some zaggfoam I got free with one of my orders, I use that once a week or so, otherwise, I just rub down with a microfiber cloth. I actually do this a lot, as I can't stand smudgy screens. I am the same way with my glasses.


when i bought my phone just recently at the AT&T store, the guy used those anti-bacterial waterless hand cleaners to wipe down the screens and a soft cloth.


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Even though i dont have this phone. Screen cleaning is the same for all phones :3. I like the be creative.. I use pages from a phonebook. Does the job well :D


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I have a screen protector - actually there's 2, a very thin glossy one, and a anti-glare matte one that I just added last week. Before adding the matte cover, I'd use a micro fiber cloth and an air duster, which is also how I cleaned the screen before applying the cover(s). With the matte cover, there's not really any fingerprints anymore so I just use the air duster to get rid of lint.