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How do you disable the auto sign in for Google Talk?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by killeronly001, Aug 13, 2010.

  1. killeronly001

    killeronly001 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    If I am not mistaken it's the same as the Talk, I heard that it uses a lot of the battery power, and I don't really use it. I went to settings and I unchecked the auto sign in, but when i go to Talk again, they automatically sign me in, did I do anything wrong? or am i signed out when I exit Talk?

  2. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants

    Open Gtalk

    Go to Menu > More > Settings

    Uncheck Automatically Sign In.

    Thank Me. =D
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  3. djdisturbed

    djdisturbed Android Enthusiast

    whenever you start talk, it will sign you in, but if you uncheck what the above post said and then signout when you exit the app it will stay signed out untill you restart the app.
  4. oana_casapu

    oana_casapu Lurker

    I have a samsung galaxy and I can't sign out from gtalk. I disable the automatic sign in and when I restart the application, I am already signed in with my work google apps account. I did not find a way to switch to my gmail account, as it always logs in with the google apps one.

    So, how do I sign out and switch to another account? Does anyone have the same problem? Am I missing something? :thinking:
  5. Drew5150

    Drew5150 Android Expert

    ok, auto sign is for signing you in WITHOUT opening the app. once you leave you will be signed out until the next time you open the app.

    if you are checking to see if you are signed in by opening the app you are doing it wrong.

    check to see if worked by checking running services. after unchecking auto sign in and exiting the app you should no longer see talk in running services. may require a reboot after unchecking auto sign in.

    Edit: no clue on having 2 gmail accounts.

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