Help How Do You Erase a contact out of the favorites section


I have the Samsung Android Galaxy Prevail for Boost mobile. I'm jus curious how do a person erase a contact from the favorites without completly deleting the contact out of the phonebook. :thinking: There's an option to erase a person out of the call log but no option to erase a person I recently contact out of the favorite. please help me


Android Expert
I've actually never favorited anyone. Long click on the favorite that's not so favorite?

EDIT: The previous poster is correct. Unselecting the star next to the contact's name in the phone book removes their name from the favorites list. The star is a toggle switch. Click to turn on and click to turn off.


im having the same problem the star isnt lit up with the contacts that are in my favorites. It gives me and option to delete the contact period thats it. I have a LG Optimus V


Frequently Called Remover app from the android market. Deletes the entire list except those numers that are marked as favorites with the star on their contact.