Root How do you flash an UNLOCKED Incredible S


I gave up tring to root my HTC Incredible S many months ago after several frustrating, long winded, failed attempts, but recently I decided it's worth potentially invalidating the warranty by doing it HTC's way. So I went to and unlocked the bootloader sucesfully. Brilliant! All plain sailing from now on then...... :-/

Despite extensive googling, everywhere I find seems to be instructions on how to hack it such as downgrading, revolution, S-OFF, etc. But I've tried those before and they didn't work. I thought with it officially unlocked it'd just be a case of going here's - off you go. But I can't find a way of doing it. When I go into the boot menu (power and volume-down key) it says "unlocked" at the top but I can't find a way of applying anything.

If I go into the recovery console, there is an option "apply update from external storage" but if I select that it just says "invalid operation" and reboots.

Does anyone know the correct way of rooting (or installing a custom rom) on an Incredible S with an officially UNLOCKED bootloader?




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I kind of worked this out. Not quite proprietry but pretty painless to do. If anyone's interested:

- If you've unlocked it HTCdev's method you'll already have a folder containing adb.exe, fastboot.exe, adbwinapi.dll, and unlock_code.bin.
- Download clockworkmod recovery and add it to the above folder.
- Download your desired mod* and add it to the root of your SD (I think you need to rename it to but can't remember).
- Reboot into recovery (hold down power+voumedown key when it first turns on) and select fastboot. The fast boot screen will display several options, ignore them and plug in your USB cable.
- In the folder I mentioned earlier from a command prompt run fastboot flash filename (in my case filename was recovery-clockwork-
- this should take you to the clockwork recovery mod screen (might have to reboot before that I can't remember), from there you can select the menu option to apply update from sd card.

* As I understand it you can use this method to apply any ROM eg Cyanogen, MIUI, etc. I just used it to apply the superuser ROM/patch for the standard OS. I don't think it's a full ROM as such, just adds root capabilities to the stock HTC OS. The file's called but I've done that much trawling the web on this subject lately I can't remember where I got it from lol!