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How do you fully erase apps/data?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by shiggity, Dec 30, 2011.

  1. shiggity

    shiggity Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I noticed my 8.0 Gb SD card only had 200 Mb left, so I started deleting apps left and right. However, it seemed that I only gained maybe 80mb of data back.

    I plugged in my phone to my comp to view the files on the SD card and some of those apps that I deleted, the main data still seems to be on the card itself.

    So does uninstalling through the phone only erase a small part of the actual app, like the shortcut or something?

    How do I fully remove an app from my phone?

    If it makes a difference, most of my apps are moved to my SD card via "app2sd pro" application.


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  2. mak916

    mak916 Android Expert

    You can always delete the data off the card when you are connected to the computer.
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  3. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy

    If you download extra content for apps, such as games, that extra data is not deleted during uninstall. You have to manually delete it from the phone.

    If you want to free up space, I'd recommend deleting the pre-loaded pictures and the green hornet movie, too.
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  4. shiggity

    shiggity Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Ok, thanks guys for the tips. Much appreciated!
  5. on my evo3d. how do i delete the green hornet file as well as any other files that i am unable to use, i.e. - the other 'previews' of movies that are stashed under 'Watch' on my phone/sd card.

    my phone is not rooted. I have tried to use Astro but recieved some sort of 'rights' 'admin' error.

    Help...just trying to free up some memory with that is being hogged by bloatware.
  6. wake69

    wake69 Android Expert

    mount sdcard on pc and remove files, but keep a backup just encase they are needed
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  7. Wiley_11

    Wiley_11 Android Enthusiast

    Here's what I used to gain 2.5 GB. :D

    Getting Rid Of Green Hornet And Spiderman

    "You can get rid of these crappy movie and crappy game to free up your SD card.

    1. Connect your phone to PC via given USB cable
    2. Be sure to mount as 'SD card' not 'USB charging' via your phone screen
    3. Browse your phone's SD card via your PC

    4. Crap Hornet 3D is located in ".data/HtcWatch/preload_movies/2141_0_SonyPictures_GreenHornet_3D.eny" at a whopping 1.76 GB. Delete the whole damn folder.

    5. Crapman 3D game is located in "gameloft" folder at the root. Delete the whole thing. It's about 800 mb.

    Viola! You just saved 2.5GB~ of your 8GB card, that's over 31% of your precious storage!" Posted by acf3passion at XDA
  8. I just removed these per Wiley-11, why do I still have the stupid app/icon for the green hornet?
  9. Corpse11

    Corpse11 Well-Known Member

    did you restart your phone yet?
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  10. yes, i did do a restart.

    I did look into my phone info with Astro, there is a gren hornet file above the sd card level, but I am unable to delete it. "permissions".

    i hooked up to my lap top but that only lets me get into the sd card as a disk drive, not the phone.
  11. jerofld

    jerofld Fixing stuff is not easy

    You can root and remove it now. Or wait for ICS. ICS will allow you to 'disable' apps, which will make them not show up in the app tray and they won't function until they're re-enabled. ICS should be here sometime this month or next month.
  12. jj14x

    jj14x Android Expert

    I can't wait! :D
  13. PyroSporker

    PyroSporker Android Expert

    I'm excited for it too.

    Always remember not to get your hopes too high though ;)
  14. okay...noob question...wth is ICS
  15. Corpse11

    Corpse11 Well-Known Member

    Ice Cream Sandwich...code name for the newest version of the Android software
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  16. woodini

    woodini Lurker

    Hello everyone. I've installed a game called "Racing Live" and it turned out it was crappy so I uninstalled it. The icon for it will not disappear though. It's not on the main screen but in the application tab(I can put it on the main screen if I want though and delete it from the main screen, it doesn't go away from the app ). I tried completely shutting it off and turning it on again but it didn't go away. I looked in the application manager and I cannot uninstall it since it doesn't appear at all there. I cleared all the data and stopped the app before uninstalling. This happened before with some other apps and the only way around it was to reset the phone to factory mode. I can't find anything named like similar or like it on the SD card. ( the previous apps were in the internal memory and it had the same effect, this app was uninstalled from the sd card ) I can't remove it by holding my finger on it and dragging it to the remove tab in the right down corner. Can anyone help me with this? I want to keep the factory reset as a last option. Thank you. :(

    PS: I can't open it btw. I'd press it but nothing will happen. I tend to think that the application is long gone, but that the icon didn't go away. Maybe it's a cache issue?
  17. Not rooted and I followed what wiley said and then went to settings>applications>manage applications>all found the spider man, green hornet, watch, and 3d games and uninstalled them. They don't show up anymore. No restart needed.

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