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How do you hard reset a samsung galaxy sprica/i5700 phone? (On BOOT UP)

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by blackbolt, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. blackbolt

    blackbolt Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I have a galaxy i5700 aka sprica and to make a long story short while letting someone check out the features pattern recognition was enabled and they couldn't remember the pattern so now I'm locked out of my phone.

    It would be most appreciated if someone could please tell me how to hard reset (key combos etc) on boot up to reset factory settings as I can't get to the menu.

    I am so not digging the fact I have nothing more right now then an expensive electronic brick.


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  2. adriann

    adriann Newbie

    Not sure if this is any help but you can get to self test by [call]+[OK]+[hang up]. Battery out, in, then hold that combo until it comes up on screen, inside there's a "reset" option (19?), bit too precious to press it myself but worth a shot! :)

    Good luck, A.
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  3. blackbolt

    blackbolt Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I tried that nothing happened. it still booted normally and the screen is still locked.

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  4. adriann

    adriann Newbie

    Just tried again and it went in fine, it starts to boot normally then drops into the test menu, it's a full 10 seconds of holding down the buttons after the samsung logo appears.

    What s/w version are you on?
  5. blackbolt

    blackbolt Newbie
    Thread Starter

    It worked this time I must not have pushed hard enough
    kernel 2.6.27 spica rev02
    I hit reset and STILL got pattern lock
  6. blackbolt

    blackbolt Newbie
    Thread Starter

    if it is then it's not a good one because the screen Is still pattern locked and i still have nothing more than an expensive brick

  7. kam187

    kam187 Android Expert

    You shoul power off the phone, then hold down:
    volume down + call + end call

    (hold down volume down + call first, then finally hold end call as well)

    Then when on the recovery screen hit 'home' to factory reset.
  8. blackbolt

    blackbolt Newbie
    Thread Starter

    That combo on my model of phone doesn't work it just keeps rebooting
    if I do call + ok + power on I get to a menu got # 19 and select reset but that. Doesn't work
  9. Rastaman-FB

    Rastaman-FB Extreme Android User

    time to beat up your friend
  10. kam187

    kam187 Android Expert

    you can probably adb in, root it and force a factory reset that way. Can you get ADB working at all?
  11. blackbolt

    blackbolt Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Adb? I'm a complete beginner and got the phone to test ideas once i one. :) so in terms of forcing from a root login
    I wouldnt know how to go about that unless it's as simple as running a dos shell and executing a command.

    I mean it was a comedy of errors. I just got the thing just finished charging didn't even have a chance to sync it to a gmail account or change any setting except for pattern lock due the whole let me show you something cool syndrome Which resulted in this mess I'm in now.

    So if there is a command I need to run all ears
  12. kam187

    kam187 Android Expert

    Hmm odd that hard reset doesnt work. Just on irc server freenode channel #i7500 or click 'live chat' above and once you're in /j #i7500

    i'll try and help u out :)
  13. blackbolt

    blackbolt Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Cool and thanks! I'm configuring an irc now
  14. KlaymenDK

    KlaymenDK Android Expert

    Blackbolt, if you ever get your brick unbricked, download "AutoLock". This allows you to have a pattern lock set but not active. The key point is that this prevents setting a new pattern without giving the existing one, which is nice if you let others play around with your phone.

    BTW, this should be moved from the Galaxy to the Galaxy-Lite subforum. :rolleyes:
  15. blackbolt

    blackbolt Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Make him by me a new phone...
  16. blackbolt

    blackbolt Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Thanks and I probably would have if I owned the phone before he did. He owns one and I just bought one and finished charging it

    so it was him giving a demo while i was downstairs. And would have posted in galaxy lite if the forum had existed. I found this one googling. Joined and couldn't create the forum so I posted here.

  17. blackbolt

    blackbolt Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I have reposted in galaxy lite section :)
  18. kam187

    kam187 Android Expert

    Hmm you could try the little known 'safe mode' option in android.

    - Power off the phone
    - Power on, and immediatly hold down the menu button and keep it held
    - The phone will boot with 'safe mode in the bottom left'

    It should bypass the lock, so quickly go into the menu and deactivate it. If the phone locks by itself you'll have to start again.
  19. blackbolt

    blackbolt Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I took the piece o shit back. Basically I figured out pattern lock Is even more buggy on the spica aka galaxy i5700 and any company that's dumb enough to release a product before their own software can even read it should be slapped. Pc studio is garbage it identified the spica as another phone and couldn't connect to it. Basically the vendor said the update for te spica is out yet.

    Though trying to get into the guts of the spica would have been interesting I need a phone now and have better things to do with my time so I just said give me a new one. Had this happened a few months after I
    got the phone sure but not 4 hours later.

    Thanks for all the help nonetheless. Now it's time develop an app!'n
  20. kam187

    kam187 Android Expert

    hehe cool, glad u got it sorted one way or another :)
  21. mkrmec

    mkrmec Well-Known Member

    it happened to me once on i7500. when you fracked up the pass lots of time it just asks for your google username and pass. You enter it and it unlocks the pattern lock.
  22. adriann

    adriann Newbie

    Ouch! Is it too late to chime in with flashing the firmware? Is the phone already in the postbox? Say it's not so! I think the Spica is a great mobile and it'd be a shame to see you put off it for good :thinking:
  23. dduyvet

    dduyvet Lurker

    Still don't know how to hard/factory reset.

    When I go to self test by pressing [call]+[OK]+[end call] at startup and then choose 19. reset, it just starts up again, but doesn't seem to be reset.

    And [volume down]+[call]+[end call] doesn't work on the Spica, just keeps restarting.

    I can't put in my Google Account username and password, so can't access the Android Market or any of the other Google stuff. The only info I find on this is to do a hard reset and then fill in the Google sync info before doing anything else.
  24. mhaddad21

    mhaddad21 Lurker

    I've got my phone locked as well!! :( and when entering my google username and password, it still wont unlock! Ive also tried to reset it they way its been mentioned above but still nothing :(

  25. Cougar

    Cougar Android Enthusiast

    Out of interest, is there any way of differentiating between "my mate was fooling around with my phone and changed the lock" and "I've just stolen this phone and can't use it"?

    Is this something we should be concerned about on this forum, or are we just generally trusting sorts? Maybe I'm just a cynic, but my gut reaction to locked phones is "ring the provider / supplier."

    No offence to the previous posters and all that, I'm sure you're all pillars of your respective societies, I'm just generalising here.

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