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How do you protect your Hero?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by normandg, May 20, 2010.

  1. normandg

    normandg Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Do you use a screen protector, body glove, etc...? My son has an iPhone and recently purchased an "Otterbox". I am very impressed with the design and function. The company makes something for our Hero, but not like the one for the iPhone. I use a generic screen protector from ZAGG. That was before all the other companies starting making them to fit. Zagg makes a screen protector and another product (full body) that covers the entire phone. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


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  2. bobr0949

    bobr0949 Member

    I use the Otterbox commuter.
    I works real well, the screen protector is easy to install.
    The hard shell makes it slide in and out of pockets without taking the contents of the pocket with it.
    Covers all holes so I hope this helps with the dust issue.
  3. cooolone2

    cooolone2 Android Enthusiast

    I just use the silicone gel case (HTC) and a hand cut screen protector. No scratches, no dust after 7 months.

  4. apollomaker

    apollomaker Well-Known Member

    Good question -- I am one of those that is rough on my Hero. Always out and about with it, hiking, boating, hunting, you name it. Gets banged around a bunch. What I got was the BODY GLOVE. It does not have a screen protector, but I have found the screen is pretty tough and I have not been able to damage it (luckily). The BG is made of a hard rubber and provides good "bounce" so dropping it never hurts it. I have not shopped for any of the more hi-tech protectors -- I am sure there are a bunch.

    Anyway, that one works good for me and lets me also ease it into a belt carry case for long hikes in the boonies.

    Cheers -- Bob ---
  5. Whiskeypawz

    Whiskeypawz Android Enthusiast

  6. cuezaireekaa

    cuezaireekaa Newbie

    OTTERBOX Commuter FTW! i LOVE this case. phone just feels solid and i feel safe holding it now. (i'm a bit clumsy). :p and i love the screen protector they sent with it. WAYY better than Zagg.
  7. tazcollins

    tazcollins Well-Known Member

    I just received my OtterBox Commuter today. Got it off eBay for $22.40 no shipping. I've either had it naked or in a Sprint silicone case. Tried several different screen protectors, even Zagg which I hated. I just don't like them. The Hero screen itself is pretty tough as I've learned off this forum. Didn't try the one that came with the OtterBox. I think the OtterBox is nice and very quality looking. It seals and protects the phone very well it seems and plugs up the two ports. I hope the plugs will stay in and not work out. The pictures of the Seidio I've seen on this forum didn't look good. The area of the two piece case that fits together didn't seem to fit well. They kind of poped out from the phone. Right now I'm happy with the OtterBox. TC
  8. rockstar420

    rockstar420 Newbie

    im a guy with a problem and decided to use this thread for help. im an HTC hero (sprint) owner and i cannot find a sweet ass case to save my life. they got alot of color options, yes. but when if comes to design ones they all are femine or just suck.
    i would like a case...any case that can make my phone well distinguished.
    i've been through just about every sing website and i cannot find one that fits my personal preference. one with a sweet ass design on it. not plaid or some weak skulls that make me look like a goth.
    please help.
  9. centauress

    centauress Member

    I'm a ZAGG Zealot. Full coverage Invisible Skin for me... but the edges are getting really gunk-caked. But I gotta say that it gives just the right 'stickiness' to keep a nice grip on the device.

    I'm pretty sure that this will be my choice from now on. I like the ultra-thin clear coverage. Except for maybe the LeatherSkins - this might be the choice for you, rockstar420. Leather back, clear front - slick and distinguished
  10. Sixxx

    Sixxx Android Enthusiast

    I use a cheap "rubberized" plastic case that i got off ebay for 4 bucks and i have 2 screen protectors, i got 3 and put one on, didn't like the way it felt on the screen. So i took it off.
  11. rockstar420

    rockstar420 Newbie

    thanks for the advice. i dunno about the whole rubber skin deal tho. i would prefer somethin that slides in and outta my pocket easily.
    m not worrired about droppin my phone or anything like that i just wanna dress it up cuz it looks kinda bland. i'd like one with a crazy design.

    does anyone know where the kiosks in the mall and shit get they're hard cases?
    i seen one the other day at the mall that just spoke to me but sure enough they didnt have it for the hero.
  12. Sixxx

    Sixxx Android Enthusiast

    rockstar, search on ebay, i use the same thing that you're looking for. I'll give you a link actually...
    New Red Hard Cover Case For Sprint HTC HERO CDMA - eBay (item 230414939212 end time Jul-19-10 00:10:51 PDT)

    That's the one that i have, but they have plenty of color options as well as pictures and stuff on the cases. It bulks up the phone slightly, which is nice, and makes it kind of unique. It seems to fit exactly what you're looking for. I don't worry too much about dropping my phone either, so yea.
  13. Rube8514

    Rube8514 Well-Known Member

    The one you like for the Iphone just came out. Its called "the Defender." It should be released any day. Just check Otterbox.com.
  14. sig sauer

    sig sauer Member

    same here.
  15. Sixxx

    Sixxx Android Enthusiast

    I wanted to get a silicone one but i had one for my Instinct and it was a pain to slide out of my pocket sometimes. I'm one of those people who will push up on their pocket to slide the phone out and it just wasn't happening properly with the silicone.
  16. Guitardoc64

    Guitardoc64 Member

    Thanks for the info. I got the Otterbox commuter for now. I wish I'd known about their HTC touch case. I'm getting one of those too, for the wife's "new" phone. Great find!
  17. kellysa111

    kellysa111 Well-Known Member

    I wanna get a skinit for my phone and just get a clear case to be able to see it. That's about it. I don't really care how messed up my phone gets. I'll just get a new one.
  18. Joehunni

    Joehunni Android Expert

    Case? Take it bareback lol.
  19. mdhall41

    mdhall41 Newbie

    The Zaggs are nice, IF you can get them on right. I would agree that the Otterbox screen protector DOES feel better than the zagg and is MUCH easier to put on. I am using it on my Hero currently since my zagg went on like ass (later I will get the free replacement just to have a back-up). For the outside I use the Otterbox Impact Case (essentially just a rubber), but much more protective and better feeling than the flimsy silicone things.
  20. centauress

    centauress Member

    I, myself, had zero problem putting on my ZAGG. The instructions, website and everyone who you talk to will tell you on a ZAGG application: Keep the Skin and your fingers WET until the Skin is in place! Dripping WET! If you do that, then the skin glides into place and you'll change your tune. (But I doubt you will. ;))
  21. mdhall41

    mdhall41 Newbie

    yeah... I've put them on two other phones and my ipod... all those went on pretty good, but I jacked this one up a bit. It isn't easy staying wet enough without getting fingerprints, etc., they are great protection, but it is certainly MUCH easier to put some other screen protectors on. Also, I have notcied some of the others have a better feel for touch screens in my opinion. Zaggs are good, and are probably the best "protection" you can get, but the otterbox works well enough for me, went on much easier and feels better.

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