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Root How do you sign ROMs on a Mac?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by aburtson, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. aburtson

    aburtson New Member
    Thread Starter

    Apr 21, 2010
    Hey everyone,

    After learning how to install ROMs, I've noticed that there were some things about certain ROMs that I wanted to change. For example, I love JRummy's Cyan Theme ROM, but I personally didn't like his choice of icons for the default apps. So I learned how to edit the ROM by opening up the apps and replacing the icons, and I also figured out how to then sign the edited .apk files (using KeyTool). The only problem is: I don't know how to sign the ROM (.zip file) so that I could actually use the ROM.

    I noticed that there are ways of signing ROMs for Windows and Linux users, but I'm using a Mac (OS X 10.6). Does anyone know what I could do? Do I use certain commands in Eclipse, or is there some simpler program I can use to sign the ROM?

    Also, please let me know if I'm overlooking anything in the process of editing and signing ROMs.

    Thanks in advance!


  2. jogar33

    jogar33 New Member

    Jun 11, 2012
    in the same boat boss , i need to find a program to sign the rom's on a Mac.

    pls help.....

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