Android Expert
Oct 14, 2009
I connected my LG3 and transferred pictures to my computer using Picasa. It did not transfer any videos, and did not remove the pictures it did transfer from internal memory. How do I do that? Thanks!
Why is everyone over complicating this?

Connect phone to PC via USB. Let the phone drivers install themselves. Then open My Computer and both the internal storage and the SD card will be installed as drives. Open and navigate to the files you want to transfer and copy and paste. Really simple.

No need for any software/apps on either side.
No kidding. Didn't know there was another way. Quick and easy, just like the "old days" of your digital camera. Absolutely no different.

Well if your stupid like me, you need to know to do one more not so obvious step. When you plug in your phone, it will show on your drop down menu as "connected and Charging" or something like that. You have to click on it and then you get the option to sync media. If not, you will see nothing.