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How do you undo whitescreen of death after attempting to mod HTC Wildfire S?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by LyleVertigo, Oct 15, 2013.

  1. LyleVertigo

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    I'm attempting to mod my HTC Wildfire S 510c and to run system off of partitioned SD card.

    However, I've run into some problems.

    Unlocking bootloader took a little time but was easy. Completed Successfully.
    Installed Clockwork Manager cm-10.1-20130703-4.3-F-NIGHTLY-marvel through zip installer. Completed
    Rooted system via Supertools v3 zerg. Installation said completed but phone boot still shows S-On
    Partitioned SD card for 2gb.

    This is where things went south, I then followed this guide to increase the internal memory using my SD card.
    When I completed the steps and rebooted I received the white screen of death.

    I've tried other Roms thinking that it might have been corrupt but this wasn't the case.
    Prior to the hangup I checked root status using Root Checker and it said "System Rooted"
    I then thought to try to set everything back to stock (relock, oem, RUU, ect.) but it only allowed me to relock.
    This caused the phone to cycle if I start it up.
    I repartitioned the hard drive, formatted everything and then did these steps:

    1. Re-unlocked √
    2. Wipe date/Factory Reset √
    3. Wipe Cache Partition √
    4. Flashed cm-10.1-20130703-4.3-F-NIGHTLY-marvel √
    5. Reboot System Now (Hangs on HTC white screen) - pulled battery out to turn off
    6. Went back into bootloader -> CWM and installed INT2EXTV2+ via zip installer (selected no for SWAP2INT) √
    7. Reboot - Hangs on HTC white screen. X

    This stopped the cycling but now I'm back to the original problem of the hangup.

    If I knew what was causing the hangup then I could find out how to correct it, but seeing how there are so many different guides, each using different Rom, rooting, S-off, data-transfering software it feels impossible to figure out what else to do.

    The current status on phone reads:

    *** UNLOCKED ***
    Apr 17 2012, 10:21:30

    Any help is appreciated, but please be as specific and detailed as possible, even if it feels necessary. I want to be absolutely sure that there is no room for misunderstanding. Thank you.

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