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How Do You Uninstall Facebook for Android (not HTC)?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by SeattleYanksFan, Aug 6, 2010.

  1. SeattleYanksFan

    SeattleYanksFan Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I installed Facebook for Android the other day. The update seemed to wreak havoc on my phone so I uninstalled the update. I can't, however, seem to uninstall the Facebook for Android. I just want to go back to Facebook for HTC Sense, since my phone was problem-free before I installed the Android version.

    I tried "Manage Applications" and AppBrain. Neither will let me uninstall.

    Any ideas?


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  2. sabrewings

    sabrewings Android Expert

    It's part of the ROM like CityID. You can only uninstall the updates. With root you can remove factory installed apps.
  3. SeattleYanksFan

    SeattleYanksFan Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Yeah, but Facebook for Android didn't come with the phone. Facebook for HTC Sense did. I installed Facebook for Android from the Market. Are you saying once I install that version of FB I can't uninstall?
  4. Terabethia

    Terabethia Android Expert

    You can uninstall the market version. I did it before they fixed the partial wake bug.

    If you go into AppBrain and click on the app, it should give an option to uninstall. Never done it, but I know it's there.

    I use a program called Uninstaller. That's how I got rid of mine before they updated it.
  5. sabrewings

    sabrewings Android Expert

    Mine came with the Facebook app out of the box (just like Youtube, GMail, etc). Facebook for Sense is the widget.

    You only uninstalled the update. I did the same thing, and Facebook no longer shows up in Uninstaller. That's because Uninstaller only shows what can be uninstalled. It doesn't show GMail, CityID, or the original Facebook app. If you try to uninstall them through Appbrain, it will say "Uninstall failed".

    Did you read what Uninstaller said when you uninstalled it? It said that it will be unstalling 1.3.0 (the bad update). It also said you can still use the factory version of Facebook which is what came on the phone. You also have Facebook for Sense.

    So do I. Try it again and read the message it gives you. ;)
  6. Terabethia

    Terabethia Android Expert


    There are TWO apps, two different apps, for Facebook.

    The Incredible comes preloaded with Facebook for HTC Sense. This can not be removed (without rooting), it's built into the ROM.

    There is also Facebook for Android, which you get from the Market or AppBrain or whereever you like to get your apps.

    Facebook for HTC Sense is just an interface which allows the phone to sync contacts and upload pictures.

    Facebook for Android is the full application (app), which has the notifications, friends, events, etc.

    They are two very different things.

    If you go into Uninstaller, it is correct you will only see Facebook for Android. But YES, you can uninstall it. When it says that you "can still use the factory version" it is saying that Facebook for HTC Sense is still there and available.

    I did quite a bit of research before the latest update "fix" on these because of the messed up update keeping the phone awake. I uninstalled the actual app version and only had the HTC Sense one. I also only had access to the HTC Sense interface features, not all of the Facebook App features like the full app allows.

    It CAN be removed. I did it. It no longer appeared anywhere (be it the app drawer, Astro, System Panel, Android System Info, Accounts & Sync, etc). Only Facebook for HTC Sense remained.
  7. sabrewings

    sabrewings Android Expert

    You should go back and look again. I just did this repeatedly and looked through. I uninstalled the latest Facebook via Uninstaller. Then I went to Appbrain to uninstall and "Facebook" was still listed. That is not Facebook for HTC Sense (I'll get to that part), but it is the factory installed (AKA in the ROM) Facebook that comes on the phone. I tried to uninstall "Facebook" in Appbrain and it says "uninstall unsuccessfull" just like it does with any ROM app.

    I fully understand the difference between the two (I've had the phone quite a while now). Facebook for HTC Sense is also included on the phone (hence why they titled it differently to distinguish it). It is the HTC Facebook widget, not a completely separate app. You CAN NOT fully uninstall Facebook for Android since it's included on your phone from the factory. I never uninstalled it and it has been on my phone from the start. It cannot be removed like all other factory loaded apps, so that leads to only one conclusion. Just like GMail, Youtube, CityID, etc Facebook for Android is protected in the ROM.

    There is no other reason you wouldn't be able to uninstall it. It requires root since it's protected by the OS.

    The normal Facebook for Android is the very plain screen with six icons on it. Facebook for HTC Sense is the Facebook widget that works with Sense. K?
  8. bjanow

    bjanow Android Expert

    Found the other thread..
  9. SeattleYanksFan

    SeattleYanksFan Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I definitely agree that there's a difference and you cannot uninstall Facebook. I do question whether Facebook for HTC Sense is just a widget, however, and here's why.

    When I purchased my Incredible, I had a Facebook app that had 6 menu options, none of which included "Inbox."

    In the market, I always saw "Facebook for Android" but never downloaded it since I don't use FB all that often. I decided to download it last week (before the 1.3 update) and my Facebook app changed one of the 6 menu options to "Inbox." I assumed Facebook for Android overwrote Facebook for HTC Sense. Otherwise, why would it show up as "Install" rather than "Update" in the market?

    Now that I installed the market Facebook for Android, I can't uninstall it, I can just uninstall the 1.3 update.

    What's the deal here?
  10. sabrewings

    sabrewings Android Expert

    The six option Facebook you're referring to was the last version of Facebook for Android. One of the complaints about it was that there was no inbox option (read the Market comments or the thread here to see).

    Facebook for Sense is the widget and all of the background code in Sense associated with it.

    Either way, the reason you can't uninstall is it's protected in the ROM. I've 'uninstalled' via Market, tried via Appbrain, and uninstalled anything that says Facebook with Uninstaller, and that 6 option Facebook is still there and works just fine.

    Edit: If you're still not sure which is which, go to the 6 option Facebook that came on the phone and Log out. Now, look at the blue title bar. It says Facebook on the left and 'For Android' on the right.
  11. SeattleYanksFan

    SeattleYanksFan Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Gotcha. Thanks for the info. The newest update that fixed the battery drain seems to have solved my problem anyway, so I'm just sticking with the updated version for now without syncing like I used to. I still have Facebook for HTC Sense syncing my contacts, which seems weird to me if it is in fact just a widget. I love HTC Sense for the most part, but it can be pretty confusing in some respects. haha
  12. faubio

    faubio Lurker

    I am not well versed with my HTC Evo but I loved how Facebook HTC Sense synced with my favorite contact's widget. But now my boyfriend downloaded the Facebook Android app and my favorite contact's widget will not update anymore. This is something I really enjoyed about the phone. How do I get this to work again??

    Please help.

    Thank you all!

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