How does 5 home screen wallpapers work??


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Looks like we get 5 home screens in v2.2 coming out this week.

Does anyone know,

Will it be one wall paper image, like it is now, that as you shift home screens, you shift across the picture??

Or, will it be more like a completely different wallpaper per home screen??


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Based on how custom ROMs function, it'll be like it is with the stock 3, only you'll scroll over a little less in each direction.


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On the "rooted" version of 2.2 that a lot of us are already's just like 2.1 in that you simply slide across the photo.


Lurker new to android....i joined the forum just to reply....m using froyo on spice mi 310 with HVGA res...320*480.....
the 480*360(not 360*480) images fit perfectly when i set them as need to crop any portion of the image......