Dec 12, 2011
Ok currently I am on T-mobile and I am at the end of my contract and I'm trying to pay a cheaper bill, my dad is on sprint and has an evo with unlimited text and data and I believe he has unlimited minutes. How much do you guys think it will cost for him to add me on to his plan thanks! How much additional will his bill be is what I'm trying to get to.
It depends on what kind of plan he has now. If he has a "family" plan it could be just $19/month (plus the $10 bucks they ding you for "premium" phones). If he has an individual plan, he would have to switch to a family plan, and that would probably be quite expensive. Actual prices are all on Sprint's web site.
Well I can tell you that I did this just before the new year. I was on the simply everything plan ($99/mo +$10). I added a second line and it tacked on $98/mo ($88/mo +$10).

I looked at switching to the more familiar family plan (unlimited text/data/M2M) but you have to choose a minute plan for land line calling and that would not work for me as I usually tally up 4K+ minute due to my job.

So, my advice would be to ask your father which plan he actually has and how much land line usage you will need. The "starter" family plan was $129 (w/o +$10) for 1500 minutes.