How does Juice Defender affect our battery


title shows it all..
i mean, i downloaded it earlier, some says it prolongs our cellphone's battery life..

but, im too confuse.. like, what will i do? ill just download and install it to my phone then ill just leave it there opened?
cause what i did was..

i downloaded and istalled juice defender on my phone.. then there was a shield on my notification bar.. and i dont know how to use it.. will i just leave it there? or what?

please reply.. is there any application for android phones to prolong our battery's life? (ex. juice defender)

and how to use it..

all replies will be most appreciated

Yes, I do get a notification on the left side of the top bar in the form of a little green battery icon with the text 100% (text hardly readable)


I also have the notification on the top left side. In addition to this, when it reaches full charge it plays the notification sound.
well.. the title shows it all

will i have a notification on my phone when its fully charged?

cause i had troubles with my battery, my widgets shows that its already 100% but when time passes by (like 2 mins.) it goes down to like 88%

so i checked the internet, some says that notif. will show up when its fully charge.. some says not..

if it really shows notif. when its fully charged, how many hours should i charge my Samsung Galaxy Ace? like 4-8 hours?

so, my question is.. is there really a notification that will showup when my phone is fully charged?

all replies will be most appreciated.. PLEASE :) i need help
Yes, 100% notification you will get. In my mobile if the battery was 50% to 60%, then I will charge 2 to 3 hours to get 100%.