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How does one unlock a HTC Inspire 4G?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bella92108, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. bella92108

    bella92108 Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    So I'm new to Android, so forgive me if this is a common question.

    I bought the Inspire 4G and it's my first Android Phone.... I travel extensively overseas where I grab local SIMs to use. With iPhone, I'd just pop it in since I bought my iPhone Factory Unlocked in the UK.

    So I'm going to need to get my Inspire 4G unlocked... is it like the Vibrant was there it could self-unlock, or is there an easy way to do it, or a trustworthy online site that does unlock codes?

    Any feedback would be appreciated. Since I'm not an AT&T customer I can't go to them to request it. :)


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  2. ReuvenNY

    ReuvenNY Lurker

    Contact AT&T. After certain amount of time with them they will unlock it for you for free.

    PS - Just noticed you are not with AT&T. Do a Google search on "Unlocking Inspire 4G"
  3. Wuufer001

    Wuufer001 Newbie

    You may try this website. I unlocked wife's previous htc pure with it. There are many out there similar but this is the only one i've used.
    Good luck
  4. Kopsis

    Kopsis Well-Known Member

    My understanding is that the Inspire rooting methods also remove the carrier lock. Root your Inspire (see the rooting threads or the XDA forums) and then flash back the AT&T recovery ROM and your Inspire should retain the CID unlock (and the S-Off) settings.
  5. TXRanger

    TXRanger Lurker

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  6. mi04se1

    mi04se1 Android Enthusiast

    As others mentioned, S-OFF unlocks sim.
  7. blade725

    blade725 Lurker

  8. jumper1127

    jumper1127 Newbie

    I called AT&T today and asked for the unlock code, but the representative basically told me they would not provide the code until August. I guess AT&T launched the Inspire 4G in February, so the customers have to wait until six months since then. It is really annoying because I will be abroad for three months and I don't want to use the international roaming provided by AT&T. The coverage and speed is already bad in this country, what should I expect the service will be overseas?

    Anyway, I also have the same question. If I want to unlock my phone, just temporarily for three months, what is the best option? If I unlock it using a code, can I still have the warranty? I don't want to root my phone though.

    I'm not quite sure if the online services are reliable or not. Any opinions?
  9. UserName872

    UserName872 Android Enthusiast

    If you don't want to root your device to unlock, your best bet may honestly be to just buy an inexpensive phone when you arrive to your destination and use that for the 3 months you are over there.
  10. jumper1127

    jumper1127 Newbie

    "[FONT=&quot]Unlocking by IMEI is legit and is using a mechanism built in any phone (even the iPhone has it). The unlocking is permanent and it doesn’t negatively affect any functionality of your phone. After unlock you can use it in any GSM network around the world, install any application and even firmware update.[/FONT][FONT=&quot] [/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]Rooting is associated with Hacking your phone. You do NOT need to root your phone if you decide to unlock by IMEI.[/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot] [/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]Unlocking by IMEI preserves your warranty."[/FONT]


    Is that true that unlock my phone using their code will not affect the warranty? Does anyone know?
  11. mrcamp

    mrcamp Well-Known Member

    Like others said, you can get a cheap unlocked phone to use while you travel However, if you really want to unlock it for your travels, I am sure you can do it via ebay. You can also contack blowfish unlocks at blowfish06@gmail.com and he will do it for $20 or so.

  12. Kopsis

    Kopsis Well-Known Member

    It should not affect your warranty. They're just going to give you the same code that AT&T will give you (after the 6 mo wait).

    But keep in mind that your Inspire's radio only supports North American frequencies for 3G and up. If you're looking to get data access, you'll be stuck on GPRS/EDGE in most destinations.
  13. ganeesh

    ganeesh Lurker

    I got the unlock code and instructions for HTC Inspire 4G mobile from here www.mobile-unlocker.com at reasonable cost and unlock it successfully from network lock.....If you want,you can get it from here...for more details visit here
  14. AJ1986

    AJ1986 Lurker


    My phone HTC Inspire brought from US is unlocked but it only gives me Edge speed and not the 3G speed. Can somebody please help? Is there something that I failed to unlock?
  15. mrcamp

    mrcamp Well-Known Member

    Where are you using it?

  16. AJ1986

    AJ1986 Lurker

    I'm using it in India. My husband is able to access 3G on his cell phone which is Desire HD. I have rooted my cell phone completely but I still face the same problem with 3G. Even USB tethering to my laptop is not possible :(
  17. sharksfan7

    sharksfan7 Android Enthusiast

    The Inspire radio utilizes the 850/1900 3G bands. The DesireHD utilizes the 900/2100 3G bands. If you use the phone in a market where the 3G is on a different frequency than the radio in the phone, the best you'll get is Edge. This is hardware related so rooting and flashing a different ROM will not change it.
  18. mrcamp

    mrcamp Well-Known Member

    The inspire does not have the 3G bands used in India, Africa, Europe, etc.
  19. Punnyabrata

    Punnyabrata Lurker

  20. scooldesire

    scooldesire Lurker

    You can request your unlock code from your locked network they may help you, or try searching in google for unlock htc inspire 4g.
  21. shravmehta

    shravmehta Lurker


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