How does tethering compare to Vz broadband?


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I am looking at getting the incredible VERY soon. I was wondering if I tether the inc to my laptop on 3g, how does that compare with speeds on verizons broadband?



Hi.We tried the mobile broadband and it was good.But you are limited..5,000mb(?) I think for $60. We just swtched to Incredible only because of the pdanet app. for unlimited tethering.It works well but not quite as fast as the mobile broadband but it is unlimited. This is our only option for the internet where we live.The tethering works well but we cannot view the local live surfcam and can't figure out why.


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I used PDAnet on my Droid back in February because I was travelling and it was the only internet I had for a week. I found that it worked pretty good for most things (facebook including games, this site, macrumors, spike, etc.) Video took a while to buffer but I even watched some TV shows on Hulu.

I don't know how well the mobile broadband works, but you are paying for unlimited internet on your smartphone anyways so why not use it?


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does anyone know the mb/sec for tether vs broadband? I realize it matters on location, but i am hoping someone can report there use. Assuming a 3g connection, is tethering good enough to work from home? My brother works from home on the internet and only uses vz broadband now. I am wanting to make sure it would work for him before I recommend him getting an incredible.

I dont have my d inc yet, is pdanet available for it?