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How does the Elite perform overclocked?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by tcleg, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. tcleg

    tcleg Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I was planning to get the Optimus Elite (and then rom it and overclock it) and wanted to see how it performs as compared to an overclocked Optimus S or V.

    Are transitions from portrait to landscape mode much quicker? Do apps open a good deal faster? Is there any discernible lag or stuttering in comparison to the S or V?

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  2. DsyMnapTic

    DsyMnapTic Android Expert

    One thing to say.....definite upgrade from the Optimus V
  3. OptimusV123

    OptimusV123 Well-Known Member

    Its flawless.
  4. sneaky_1

    sneaky_1 Android Enthusiast

    Its the best phone for the $25 plan, definetly. Smooth and quick. I would say about twice as fast as the OV, and that's coming from a CM7.2 OV clocked at 825mhz. Also with the benefits of a larger screen, better camera with flash, newer CPU architecture, higher clock speed, and a better GPU. The only thing I miss is CM 7 ROMs, and I wish it had a light sensor for auto briteness.

    But if your on the $35 plan, and buying at today's 'new' prices, the Evo V is a better bang for the buck, @ $149, vs the Elite @ $129.
  5. kaivorth

    kaivorth Well-Known Member

    I went from the V to the Elite. Get the Elite. Overclocked I can't see myself wanting it any faster. Silky smooth performance with the Slephnir ROM and updated kernel.
  6. DsyMnapTic

    DsyMnapTic Android Expert

    Have we even figured out yet, the exact chip set this phone is running? There's been a lot of speculation on the actual processor and what GPU are we running as well?
  7. sneaky_1

    sneaky_1 Android Enthusiast

    Msm8255 or the 8655. Either way they both run the adreno 205. And not much difference between the cpu's anyways.
  8. FoxyDrew

    FoxyDrew Android Enthusiast

    And I'm pretty sure were running a Snapdragon S2 proccesor
  9. landonh12

    landonh12 Android Enthusiast

    Go for the Evo V. There is so much dev support it isn't even funny.

    Actually, I'm running a Jelly Bean 4.2.1 build right now. There's also AOKP, CM10, ParanoidAndroid, MIUI.. just about anything you can ask for. It also overclocks up to 1.9GHz with dual cores.
  10. ktb83

    ktb83 Android Enthusiast

    It's an 8655.
  11. landonh12

    landonh12 Android Enthusiast

  12. ktb83

    ktb83 Android Enthusiast

    That's cool. I'd switch to one of the HTC phones if I could use it on the $25 plan.
  13. landonh12

    landonh12 Android Enthusiast

    If you could scruff up $10 a month, then yeah, you should
  14. OptimusV123

    OptimusV123 Well-Known Member

    I wish we could all be rich.
  15. sneaky_1

    sneaky_1 Android Enthusiast

    If I was to step off the $25 plan for better phones, I'd be going over to tmobile's $30 with a galaxy Blaze or S2 . And have 10 to 100x faster data. :) At least in my area.

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