Root How far rooting had brought us!


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I was just taking some time to think about how far the rooting on the motorola droid has come. Now I didnt start in the beginning, i bought mine in january.. My first rom was BuglessBeauty V0.4.....

When I first rooted There were two ways... ADB (which i had no knowlege of) and Droid Root Helper... yeah the program that locked when mounting the system image on the first time and it made you crap your pants lol...

It took me about 2hrs to read about it and root, I then did my girls and it took me all of about 10minutes...

I remember rooting and wanting to get the stuff from 2.1 on it, and I loved every little tidbit i could get.. Live wallpapers were a dream, and now that Ive got them I have never used them. The 2.1 Gallery was what we all wanted.. until we found out IT SUCKS!... The best advancement in the launcer was pete making it semi-transparent.. Now we have atleast 4 different choices for launcers... I couldnt wait to get 5 home screens... now my dad has 7 unrooted on helix... Tethering was a great thing to do, and it was also like a backdoor secret.. Now google is putting it in the rom (even if verizon removes it, we know we get it :p)

There are so many things that rooting has brought us... keep them coming guys..

So you can take this as a big:


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Yep... Droid (after looking at forums for other phones) has one of the best dev communities around. If you really feel good about a dev, make sure you donate (I'm not saying you didn't, but if you haven't, you should do so for your favorite dev). So far, I have only donated to Pete...I haven't donated to others because I have run Pete's roms 95% of the time...



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I was just a casual mobile user who saw an iPhone and thought, "Wow, that's pretty neat. I'd like to do all those things. Now, if only it lived up to my level of customization." When I first had the opportunity to leave my carrier, Verizon seemed like the service I wanted, and this cool new device, the LG Dare was this all touch device, just like an iPhone. Booyah, that's what I want!

Well, yeah. Not quite. I mean, at that point I still didn't know what a smartphone was. I've heard of Blackberry, but I had no idea that it was a completely diff type of phone. This, however, lead to my doing a bit of research. I found a great lil community (AF's parent site, Mobile Roar), and all of a sudden I was immersed in this new cellular world.

To make this long story shorter, when the Droid came out, I knew that was the device I had been waiting for. This could do everything I wanted and give me the customizability I had been craving. But then I discovered this magical lil thing called "rooting" (haha...Droid commercial on tv, great timing), and now there seems to be no limit on just how much control I have over my Droid and it's customization.

PS: I am a donator. Help out the people who help you out.