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How Fast and Secured is the Samsung Galaxy S10 2D Face Unlock?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Emmanuel Godwin, Mar 7, 2019.

  1. Emmanuel Godwin

    Thread Starter

    Hello guys, so finally i made up my mind that i'd be getting the regular Samsung Galaxy S10 model probably when it starts shipping this march..

    But before that, I want to know, since Samsung removed their Iris Scanner in favor of the in-display fingerprint reader, and included a regular 2D face unlock instead.

    I want to know how fast and secured it really is.. And secondly, before raising the phone up to my face, do i need to press the power button to light up the screen, or once i just lift the phone up to my face while the screen is off, it just unlocks it and i'm the go..

    So these are the things i really want to know about the Galaxy S10's face unlock. And lastly, I still want to know, when i raise the phone up to my face and it unlocks the screen, do i still need to swipe up on it like the iPhone X? because that shit sucks..

    Thanks all.. your kind suggestions will be warmly appreciated.

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  2. Emmanuel Godwin

    Thread Starter

    But i heard it works even when you're putting on glasses. and doesn't unlock the phone when you're not looking at it.. Is it true?
  3. Emmanuel Godwin

    Thread Starter

    Wow. I'm in love with it already.. can't wait seriously.

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