Help How good is Samsung Customer Service?


Hey guys. You might have seen my post in another thread about my Note refusing to charge. So basically since i got it it has had charging problems. It would pick and choose when it charges and sometimes wouldn't charge for hours on end. I'd had it plugged into an adapter in my wall which did work for a while but stopped. I then tried it in the wall directly and it worked for a few days. Now however it's stopped charging full stop. It doesn't charge at all anymore no matter what it's plugged into. I've tried plugging it into the PC, the wall, adapters, sockets around the house and nothing has worked.

So i emailed Samsung about it yesterday, and was just wondering if you guys could share any experiences you've had with Samsung, like whether they were helpful or said 'Your problem, deal with it' and hung up. If i don't get a reply maybe by mid next week, i'm taking it back to the shop i got it from since i've only had it for 8 days.

It's currently dead so it's just a piece of useless plastic at the moment. Last night while plugged into the wall, i wiggled the wire in the bottom a little and it began charging a bit, then stopped again, so it's definitely either the charging socket or the charger.

So, share your customer service experience from Samsung.


or the cable, just take it back to the shop for a refund, rather than exchange it, then buy another one the next day, which will give you another full trial period.

Well thats what I would do, here in spain we have between 15 and 30 days to return goods for exchange or cash, subject to the store policies where we buy from.