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How hard would it be to develop an app like this?

Discussion in 'Android Development' started by LordCouture, Apr 16, 2020.

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    Hello everyone,

    Since I know nothing about app development, I would like to have some feedback from you about this app idea that I have so I can assess how realistic the project would be. It would be used on smart campus to assess the thermal comfort of building occupants.

    The app would be a participatory sensing framework developed to collect, analyze and report user assessments of thermal preference at the campus scale with room-level spatial resolution. Users report thermal feedback (is it comfortable? Is it too warm? Or too cold? Users could also write specific comments if they want). When installing the app, they can also report basic demographic factors (age group, gender…), but it is not required to do so to use the app. I would like to have some sort of randomly generated identifier to preserve the anonymity of each user. Thermal feedback would be stored on a secure server where data can be analyzed by a smart controller or by facility analysts. If possible, the app could track users to see in which room they are when sending a feedback. If it is not possible, then the other solution would be to ask users to add info regarding their location (building name, room #) when they are sending a feedback. Ideally, the app could also communicate information to users (something like “It is cold outside, make sure to close windows!”) that can send notifications in the users’ cellphone (if enabled).

    How hard would it be to code an app like this? As I said, I know nothing on app development, but would be willing to hire an undergraduate intern from computer science programs to do most of the work. How long do you think it would take? Is it a matter of weeks, months? If I don’t hire anyone, how long would it takes for a complete beginner to do something like this?

    From what I’ve just read, Android Studio seems to be the program to use, is that correct?

    Any other recommendation?

    Thanks for your answers.


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