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How I inadvertently solved the waketime/sleeptime problem on my Evo...

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DWS44, Aug 7, 2010.

  1. DWS44

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    Hey guys,

    Sorry if this is posted incorrectly, but thought I'd toss this out there in case it helps anyone else with battery problems.

    I was having the waketime/sleeptime problem that many, many folks have reported and my battery life was obviously crap...and took forever to charge as has also been noted. I had already turned off all the auto-update stuff that I did when I first got the phone. Then I read the many posts abut Facebook app being the problem, but when I tried that it turned out that I was still running the old version 1.2, so apparently that wasnt causing it on my Evo.

    Not really wanting to do a factory reset, I thought I'd check for other app updates in case one of the other apps had 2.2 bug fixes. Ran a sync thru the AppBrain app, and it found three updates that I hadnt been notified of:

    LED Light

    Once those updates were completed, my EVO immediately starting going to sleep as it used to. I watched it for a few hours after the update and it continued to show realistic numbers for wake vs. sleep. My battery was almost depleted at this point, so I powered it off, and did the battery pull for good measure before powering back on and plugging in to charge during the night. This was all late Thursday night. All day Friday my battery performed VERY well...much better than even during 2.1. I had it on charge most of the day while listening to Pandora at my desk. I unplugged it to go home and now checking it this morning, it's now been off charge for 14h 39m, show wake time of 33:44 vs. sleep time of 15:28, and shows 80% battery remaining! :D

    This whole scenario makes me wonder if one of those three apps had a similar bug to Facebook. If you have those...you might want to take a closer look. Either way...good luck! :)

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  2. utee05

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    Good find. I recently uninstalled LED Light as I'm going to be using the HTC flashlight app that came with 2.2. I also got rid of Layar since I haven't used it at all. I have updated Shazam to the recent update as well. Now my phone has some great Wake vs Sleep time. Right now I'm at 15hrs Up Time and 1.5hrs Awake Time. I haven't really had any terrible battery issues but I also think the latest FB update helps as well.

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