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How I overcame flashaholism

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by parag1dubey, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. parag1dubey

    parag1dubey Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    This is an account of my own struggles with flashaholism and I am writing it because I dont have a life, have too much time on my hands and yes, in the hope that it will help some noob like me who is also a flashaholic.

    Lets get the basics out of the way first.. Flashaholism is an addiction to the incessant flashing of new roms etc on your phone.
    You are a flashaholic if:
    a) You flash every new rom you come across (while drooling from the corner of your mouth)
    b) You HAVE to download every new version of your favourite kernel immediately.
    c) You flash every new modem as soon as you find one.
    d) You live in the perpetual fear that some rom other than you current one is much better
    e) Any combination of the above

    I will tell you that I had all the above symptoms. The key word here is "HAD".
    I am no longer a flashaholic simply because I have understood a few things (too late, i am afraid).Those things are:

    1) Generally speaking, all the roms co-existing in the same time period have almost the same features give or take a few.
    2) If you incessantly flash roms without given any rom the time to "bed in" as ironass says (yes, I love to drag him into all my posts), you are not even experiencing what the rom really has to offer. As an aside, I am not sure ironass says "bed in" in a very platonic sense. There is surely some innuendo or double entendre hidden in there and I WILL find it out :)
    3) If you flash a rom and 3 hours later you find that your battery has drained rather fast on this rom and decide to flash another, you are being irrational. That is because after every new install a process called Media Scan runs for any where between 15-30 minutes thus preventing deep sleep. Use a new rom for at leased 2-3 days and then decide whether it is any good.

    4) Changing kernels is all very well, but again if you dont let it settle and flash new ones every day, don't expect to improve your battery life, quite the contrary, in fact.
    5) Hawker (Yes, i love pulling him into my posts as well so that he and ironass can spar here. Trust me, its great fun) says that a new modem will almost certainly not improve your signal strength(paraphrasing him) and he is right. So stop flashing new modems. Stick to one that works for you.
    6) My current rom (Neatrom Lite JB) meets all my needs and therefore I find it is better to stick to it. Sale is a great dev and he is VERY helpful. So Neatrom works best for me. I would suggest you find a rom which meets YOUR needs (which may be quite different from mine) and stick with it no matter what. Slowly, you will find, your almost primal need to flash the next new thing on the block dwindles (as it did with me).
    7)Hawker also told me another thing which I found was very true. With a stock rom(like Neatrom) core apps like messaging, mail , camera etc work flawlessly. I am therefore sticking with Neatrom. You have to find your "ONE" rom.

    I hope this post (long winded as it is) might help some future flashaholic. If not, I have atleast passed my time well.

    Cheers all.

    P.S.- Special thanks to ironass and Hawker ... ;):santaclaus:

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  2. Squinty13

    Squinty13 Well-Known Member

    I'm reminded of that episode of Alan Partridge when he goes to the home of his biggest fan and sees pictures of himself plastered all over the walls. Hawker and Ironass be afraid.....be very afraid!
  3. parag1dubey

    parag1dubey Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Errr, me a fan of ironass and hawker??? Squinty, my dear lad, you have missed the point of my references to them completely! Hopefully, both of them won't... ;)
  4. Shotgun84

    Shotgun84 Extreme Android User

    Have you learnt nothing? Don't tell them that

    My apologies, strange mood
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  5. cozins17

    cozins17 Well-Known Member

    'How I Overcame Flashaholism'......

    Wandered where this thread was leading for a minute :D
  6. parag1dubey

    parag1dubey Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Thanks shotty, finally someone who understood ;)

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