Help How Instaling app on card


i got lg gt540 android i want know how instaling apps on sd card i already instal z4root and rooted
any help me pls :D


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you mean menu-settings-applicatons-application management ? and when i click on app

information about the application

i can only deleted application


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Do you have Android 2.2 or higher? 2.1 or below do not support moving apps to the memory card without rooting the device.


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I tried Apps2SD it should work. It failed to work on my Android 2.1. Later I moved to 2.3.3 custom rom. Now it moves applications to SD card automatically :)


I prefer to use Link2SD because you can select which apps are moved to the SD card. I also works for apps that don't support moving to SD.
Installing apps on the SD card is officially supported only on Android 2.2 and higher, if you're using Android 2.1 or below, then you'll have to install an app like Apps2SD or Link2SD.

Apps2SD -

Link2SD -

You could also install a custom ROM that supports moving apps onto the SD card, like the one in this thread:


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Thanks for the post with links. I tried both apps2sd and links2sd when I was on 2.1. It either crashes the phone or corrupted the SD card. but thank god I got Cyanomod 7 installed on my phone. :))


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i tryed Apps2SD but say
it looks like your SD card isnt patrtitioned correctly lets fix thats!........


say Sexond partitions not found
The second partition not found on yours Sd card

any tutorila how can make two partitions on card


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i have like this maked
Image-Share - image-png-661-245

but i want know wher thay gona saved this application when me moved to sd ? or wher can see this or gona saved on ext3?

and how can make back normal card Partition like frst time buy card
When you open the Link2SD application that'll list down all the applications. Click on a application and if you see linked then it is moved to SD card else its on your phone memory.

You can revert your SD card back to normal state using the same programe u used to partition.
1. Right click on the partitions and click delete
2. Right click on the unallocated section and click New
3. Create FAT 32
4. Click Apply

This will delete all the information from your card so plz make sure to back up if you are to reformat your SD card.


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i think app 2 sd does not work for 2.1, link2sd is the only choice for 2.1:)

As per many forums and users it works on 2.1 rooted phone but for me Apps2SD didn't work only Link2SD worked but it also corrupted the sd card and all the bloody issues.

Now i'm flying with cyanogenMOD7 :D 2.3.3


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for me too dont work Apps2SD

and what you mean it also corrupted the sd card
Links2SD works on Android 2.1

1. Root your phone
2. Create a ext2 partition in your phone SD card
3. Install Link2SD (Available @ market)
4. Open the app
5. Restart the phone

Corrupted in the sense, phone couodn't read my SD card. So I reformat it :)