Help how is the battery life on zte warp sequent for you all and the music player


On my phone i barely get 5 hours of baterry life.. my music hiccups and skips i really need help on the music one the most please.. leave ur review on how it is for ur fone and help me on how to make it work... i hate when my music hiccups


I changed the wifi settings and the battery lasts longer. It was to keep it from trying to connect all the time. I turn it on when I want to use it only.

Bluetooth off. It's lasting me all day now.

Also the battery works better after a week or two, kind of like it gets broken in.
5 hrs? That's a Miracle! I just went for a bike ride, made one phone call, and plugged in my head phones, turned on Tune-in to a talk radio station, rode for about 15 minutes, and the battery was over half dead, on a full charge! WMFAO! That is ridiculous! All the batterries on all cell phones suk! period it! All I know is these so-called-engineers, techs, and scientists need to be working on the battery technology all these cell phones, and not the bells and whistles! My God, I would be ashamed to call myself an engineer or tech in this field, what a joke!
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No way to stop the hiccups. And yes the battery usage on this phone is horrible under certain circumstances. You could use it 12 hours straight on some things but mine dies on the charger while tethering


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With a battery saving app like Juice Defender (I paid for the pro version. Well worth it.) I can go all day and only use 30% battery. (Assuming I don't use it at all.)

If I use the phone lightly, by the time I get home (average a 9 hour work day) the battery is usually around 30% left. (Lightly=10 5 minute phone calls, a couple texts, maybe a Google search or two.)

Use the phone for an hour heavily (use the external speaker to stream Tune-In radio) and the phone dies within that hour.

You can get (I plan on it soon.) an extended battery that should extend life by a bit. I want the one that also lets me charge it wirelessly. ;)