How large an sd card does the Volt support?


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I've seen as large as 128 gigs for sale online, which costs more than the phone did. But if I were to buy that microsd, would the volt even recognize it? And before you start saying how That's more storage than necessary, cloud drive blah blah blah, I would fill it with music. I don't always have internet to listen to pandora and other internet music apps. Because I live in a white trash red neck inbred mountain town


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Officially it supports up to 32GB, however people are using 64GB fine. 128GB is the same type as the 64GB, but I don't think anyone here has tried it.


many people have varied results between brands of sd cards... I use a pny 64gb with no problems..... I would have tried a 128 but as mentioned its quite costly.... I only went 64 because I got it for $23... you can never have too much space... my 64 is over half full but I dont try to fill it I just add music when I get it... only difference between (sdhc)2-32gig and (sdxc)64-128 is how the system handles the space from what I understand.... so if your phone likes 64 then 128 should present no problems


64 gig should work fine.

at least it is for me :)

edit: Just realized the question was weather or not 128 gig should work. I don't recall hearing of anyone using that size. If you do go that road, be sure to post your results.