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How long do you think for shipment?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by tapgamer, Aug 6, 2010.


Have you recieved your X?

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  1. tapgamer

    tapgamer Member
    Thread Starter

    So i just ordered the Droid X from my local verizon store, and i was wodnering when do you think it will ship?

  2. ashykat

    ashykat Android Expert

    By 8/25.
  3. AJ_EVO

    AJ_EVO Android Enthusiast

    Before the end of the world. Maybe.
  4. tapgamer

    tapgamer Member
    Thread Starter

  5. buxleyp

    buxleyp Member

    Hey, you asked the question. I'm willing to bet both AJ_EVO and ashykat are correct. :)

    FYI, the shipped-by date advertised by Verizon is typically very conservative, so chances are it'll ship before 8/25.
  6. deekum1627

    deekum1627 Android Enthusiast

    8/18 it should ship
  7. tapgamer

    tapgamer Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks, seriously this time, cause i got an actual date.
  8. mysterygirl

    mysterygirl Newbie

    I think Verizon's site is now showing a ship by date of 8/23. That said, it seems most people are getting their orders filled earlier than the estimated shipping date. I ordered a replacement on Monday when the ship by date was 8/18. I was told by Verizon CS today that it shipped yesterday and I should receive it on Monday. No tracking number was available yet and I don't trust CS, so I'm trying not to get too excited about this--I'll believe it when I see it. But, fingers crossed Verizon is getting these out a lot sooner than their website would suggest.
  9. haticK

    haticK Well-Known Member

    ordered mine on 8/1 from the store and at that time it said 8/18 on the website so i hope they surprise me and have it here a lot sooner.
  10. Ravenbrook

    Ravenbrook Member

    I hope so too! I just ordered one today from BJ's Wholesale as they have a Verizon store inside. Pretty sweet deal really. It starts off at $299 with the $100 mail in rebate. Then they give you another $50 for any 3G smartphone now as part of Verizon's back to school sale. So that brings the price to $149. They BJ's gives you a $50 BJ's gift card for buying it there and then finally you get a $30 credit on your first bill for some reason. Bottom line the phone is basically $69! And since I bought two other Casio Exilim's for my wife and dad, they waived my activation fee for the droid x. So I couldn't say no to the price even though I have to pay $65 to break my AT&T contract which would have ended in October. But I figure between the $50 smartphone rebate and the extra $30 credit that was basically taken care of! OK so I guess you can say I really paid $134 for the phone, but it's still a great deal! And the two Casio phones I bought said online you needed at least a $9.99 data package with the phone. Salesman said I didn't need that. He triple checked with his district manager and that guy said if it appears on my bill, he'll make sure it gets taken off. So I get two 3G multimedia phones for FREE after Instant rebate and don't need a data plan with them! I got an email today saying my order shipped already, though I'm betting it was just the Casio phones. To get this deal I actually walked away from a Best Buy in Orlando (Waterford Lakes Store) that the manager told me she had a few Droid X's in stock.

    A few more days left with this crap iPhone 3G! I can't wait!!!!
  11. Piiman

    Piiman Android Expert

    This phone is starting to become the Incredible with a 3 week back order and growing. Mean while the Dinc is almost caught up. I'm waiting on a replacement now that isn't supposed to ship until the 13th. I still have one though so it's not a big deal other than stupid CS told me it's be here last Wednesday. ******s.
  12. C0n57an71n3

    C0n57an71n3 Android Enthusiast

    I agree. The short stock is a little ridiculous.
  13. ashykat

    ashykat Android Expert

    I gave you a date. But honestly, none of us here really know. I doubt deekum1627 has any source for saying 8/18. I ordered mine and it got to me two days before the "ship by" date, but the ship by date was a lot closer because it was right after launch. There's a good chance it won't be as late as 8/25, but none of us really know. Would it make you feel better if I said it should ship by 8/12 with no reason to believe so?
  14. tapgamer

    tapgamer Member
    Thread Starter

    Actually it would, and im sure no one knows but, i just an estimate, maybe of average times that it took.
  15. haticK

    haticK Well-Known Member

    i also bought mine from a BJ's and the guy told me he'd see me in a week (apparently he wanted me to come back to activate the phone and get help with the mail in rebate lol). as of today i still haven't gotten an email so im just hoping it comes next week.
  16. Moonlk

    Moonlk Newbie

    See, I just called VZW about my Droid X, which was ordered the third, she said its gonna be shipped on monday, thank god.

    Originally I ordered it July 27th, Supervisor cancelled my order which caused me to reorder on the third, ugh.
  17. haticK

    haticK Well-Known Member

    seems like a lot of people are getting theirs shipped on monday so i hope mine does too since i ordered it on august 1st
  18. ugh what

    ugh what Member

    Moonlk, did you order online/in the store/by phone?

    I ordered mine on the phone on the 4th (I think, might have been the 3rd) and the ship by date they gave was the 19th, but as more and more people who ordered this past week are getting shipment notifications I'm hopeful I won't have to wait that long. I ordered a case, screen protector, car charger, and car dock figuring that if that stuff was on the way then with my luck I was bound to get the phone while still waiting for that stuff, but no such luck so far. Haha.
  19. tapgamer

    tapgamer Member
    Thread Starter

    I hope mine comes monday, because as of now i have no phone my storm is done for, won't boot up so i need the X asap.
  20. ugh what

    ugh what Member

    I kind of want to call to see if they have any update for me, since some people get info by phone before email, but I just called yesterday... haha.
  21. Paycer

    Paycer Android Enthusiast

    If it were me, I would call. Once mine is ordered I'll probably call twice a day due to shipping times. Once before noon, and once later during the early evening, just to make sure I can catch them before and/or after. It's not like there's anything for me to be embarrassed about. As far as I'm concerned, the odds of talking to the same person twice in one day are slim. So, ask away. :)
  22. ugh what

    ugh what Member

    I hope they don't put a note on the account! I know it doesn't matter, but still.
  23. tapgamer

    tapgamer Member
    Thread Starter

    They told us that wait a week to call or something like that, besides what number do i call?
  24. ugh what

    ugh what Member

    You can just dial *611 on your Verizon phone.
  25. ugh what

    ugh what Member

    So I swallowed my pride and caved to my obsessive impatience, and the rep said that orders placed by phone on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th are listed as shipping on the 6th. There's no tracking number notated on my account but with some people having theirs show up before ever getting a tracking number, I guess it might still show up Monday. If not, hopefully it'll ship Monday and arrive Tuesday.

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