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How long do you think for shipment?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by tapgamer, Aug 6, 2010.


Have you recieved your X?

  1. Yes

    72 vote(s)
  2. No :(

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  1. Quintessence

    Quintessence Android Enthusiast

    It took me 11 days to get mine. Congrats on all you guys with yours.


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  2. t4bz

    t4bz Newbie

    Ordered 8/10, told they (2 X's) would ship 8/26, rec'd 8/25. I'm currently out of town, so I won't get to put my hands on it until 8/27 :( Wife has hers now. I rec'd an email 8/24 saying they had shipped.
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  3. socalrailroader

    socalrailroader Well-Known Member

    It took me 15 days, I ordered on August 10th, and it came today, August 25th.
  4. Quintessence

    Quintessence Android Enthusiast

    That was actually a typical math mistake. Ordered 8th, got it 24th.

    Protip: 24-8=16
  5. lancedriskell

    lancedriskell Member

    me and u dawg, me an u!
  6. racquetballer

    racquetballer Newbie

    I ordered on the 8/12 supposed to be rec'd by 8/24 by 3PM PDT actually rec'd after 7PM PDT. 12 days. Missing the promised deadline for 3PM overnite was not VZW's fault but that of FedEx.
  7. socalrailroader

    socalrailroader Well-Known Member

    I stink at math, well, at least I stink when trying to do it in my head, I'm fine with a Calculator or Computer :D That said, the most advanced Math I'd had is Geometry (Liberal Arts guy here, BA in History from Idaho State University), so don't start throwing out Trig or Calculus stuff :D
  8. Member112085

    Member112085 Guest

    It took 17 days for me.
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  9. whoowhoo1

    whoowhoo1 Member

    Eventhough it took 17 days, did it come by your "will be shipped by date"?
  10. SoonerDude90

    SoonerDude90 Lurker

    "On FedEx Vehicle for delivery." My expected time is by 7pm does anyone know if fed ex goes by whos closest to where the truck left? cause i'm only literally 5 miles away.. hoping to see it soon. gonna do a unboxing/review thing on my youtube channell. happy birthday for me btw haha what better way than to get this dang phone on my birthday? lol.
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  11. Member112085

    Member112085 Guest

    Yes, it arrived 1 day before the "shipped by" date. As I've mentioned in this thread before, as long as it comes by the date promised by Verizon, none of us has anything to really complain about. On the other hand, if it doesn't....well, all bets are off. :D
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  12. MSUDawgs56

    MSUDawgs56 Newbie

    What is your youtube channel... i wanna watch it
  13. Quintessence

    Quintessence Android Enthusiast

    It took me 16 as I corrected, depending on ship date 17. The only reason it took me 16 is the shipping facility and distribution center is 15 miles away from my house so it was practically single day.

    The sad thing is I am an aersospace engineering major. I have less of an issue crunching far more complicated mathematical functions.
  14. Berserk_Fury

    Berserk_Fury Newbie

    I'm actually not a fan of fedex. In my experience they often have drivers that don't like doing their jobs. I've had them claim that my address doesn't exist, that nobody was home (with 3 people including me there the whole day) and have delivered at 5 PM when the website said I should expect a delivery before 3 PM. My D X is on their truck is well, but unfortunately I'm not at home so I'm not even sure if I will be able to get it today.
  15. Quintessence

    Quintessence Android Enthusiast

    Fedex somehow managed to say they didn't deliver my Droid X despite 4 people at home and me sitting in immediate range of the doorbell or knock. I really don't think they tried.

    UPS drivers, on the other hand, are pretty damn friendly.
  16. xrussx

    xrussx Well-Known Member

    They best thing about FedEx is you can pick up your package the same day it attempted.
  17. Quintessence

    Quintessence Android Enthusiast

    That is how I ended up getting mine. After waiting 40 minutes at the distribution facility of course
  18. xrussx

    xrussx Well-Known Member

    This is kind of a dry spell of no shipping e-mails :(
  19. leeherman

    leeherman Newbie

    Got mine today. Turns out the phone and accessories shipped in the same box.

    I was able to get FedEx to hold the package at the local distribution center and picked it up a few hours ago.

    I was able to sync to Outlook with Companionlink but I've got a lot of stuff to figure out over the next few days!

    Good luck to everyone waiting for their phone!

  20. Sytrus

    Sytrus Lurker

    Ok, time for an update. Yesterday I took a survey for verizon and gave a really low score, so I got a phone call from a "supervisor" today. I explained to her that I gave the low score because I was unhappy about people ordering their phones after me and getting them already. She explained to me that it's "not possible" and it's a "first come first served basis"... Yeah right.

    Ordered: 8/12 online
    Location: Hilo, HI
    Website said it would ship by 24th
    Still not shipped, and I was promised it will be in my hands by 7PM on Tuesday(8/31)
  21. bthane23

    bthane23 Lurker

    Ive been watching this thread for a while now...and it sucks that so many are waiting for so long while others seem to get theirs within a week. :( I havent posted here before, but here is my story.
    Order date: 8/19
    Expected shipping date online: 9/6
    So I called cs for the first time ever. Asked him what he thought. He tells me my account says on or before 9/3. hmm. I wonder who is right?
    Oh and I ordered online for what its worth. I live in Texas....sigh...Im going on vacation on the first...and wont be home until like the 9th...so I REALLY wanted this phone to play with on our long drive!!! grr!!! I hope it ships SOON!
  22. elir41

    elir41 Lurker

    I ordered in-store on the 20th of August and still no shipping info. On the bright side, my accessories came in on Tuesday.
  23. Berserk_Fury

    Berserk_Fury Newbie

    That is basically the experience I had, just with less people at home. And I agree about UPS, always had a great experience with them.

    Nobody was at home when fedex tried delivering my X, I called to ask if I could pick it up and they said only after 6 PM. I work from 6 PM - 10:30 PM, so unfortunately I will have to go pick it up tomorrow instead. It's kinda stupid when a delivery attempt was attempted at 1 PM and I can't pick it up until 5 hours later.
  24. Wogs

    Wogs Member

    Dang, I just had a verizon CS rep call me out of the blue because I sent them an email about the Order Status and he said that it has not been shipped yet. So apparently the lady at the store was guessing. Oh well...I'll have an ulcer by the time I get the phone haha.
  25. whoowhoo1

    whoowhoo1 Member

    Well folks I went had and cancelled my ordered that I made on the 18th of August and went and got my Droid X from Walmart for $199. To all of you that is still awaiting these jacked up shipments. Sorry and I feel ya' pain. All I can say is go check your local stores. I got lucky I guess. Our walmart here tho still has three in stock. Oh well folks I guess this is my retirement from the Droid X forums. It's been real and it's been a pleasure, but I have definitely paid my dues. HollA!!!

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