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How long do you think for shipment?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by tapgamer, Aug 6, 2010.


Have you recieved your X?

  1. Yes

    72 vote(s)
  2. No :(

    104 vote(s)
  1. Viper3773

    Viper3773 Lurker

    i wish i had overnight.. ordered 8/23, hoping to get it as soon as possible obviously..


  2. nathanep

    nathanep Newbie

    still haven't received a email yet.... grrr i want my new driod x im tired of my phone that hardly works
  3. racerxe24

    racerxe24 Well-Known Member

    I ordered mine on the 19th and still nothing...still have a ship date of 9/3 which means I get it the 7th due to the Holiday weekend..... Still hoping for something this week tho...
  4. bbdec1

    bbdec1 Newbie

    Orderded Online from Cleveland, TN 8-21-10 3PM
    Acknowledged by email later 8-21-10
    Est Ship date 9-7-10
    Shipment notice recieved 8-29-10 (Memphis)
    Fed Ex est Delivery 9-31-10--9 days after order

    Edited: arrived 1:35 8-31-10 Woo Hoo
  5. xrussx

    xrussx Well-Known Member

    When today did you receive your e-mail?
  6. bbdec1

    bbdec1 Newbie

    Time stamped 5:08 today
  7. Order No.925

    Order No.925 Newbie

    Awww, FML. Well just checked again and said the delivery date should be tomorrow by 3p.
  8. CLS

    CLS Newbie

    Woo Hoo!

    Ordered 8/22 online
    Estimated ship date from Verizon site 9/7
    Shipping email received 8/29 at 4:35 PM
    Picked up in Memphis
    Estimated delivery date of 9/1 before 4:30 PM.

    I had it shipped to work so I could make sure it was signed for and I can see the lobby where all deliveries come to. It will be to my employers benefit if it comes late in the day. It will be hard to stay focused and not play with it.
  9. I ordered the X on 8/26 and the expected ship date is 9/10. I've been calling CS in hopes that they will send it earlier, but they keep telling me 9/10. :(
  10. kk4df

    kk4df Well-Known Member

    Fantastic! Thanks for the info. We ordered two on 8/24 with expected ship dates of 9/8. Hoping they ship sometime early this week. :)
  11. moreups

    moreups Lurker

    Well it finally makes sense as to why those in California are not getting their phones early. They are shipping our phones to Florida! LOL.

    I ordered mine on Aug 18, shipping date Aug. 31st. I am in N. California. I have yet to receive an email regarding shipment. Running out of days for on time delivery....

    Too bad I can't get one from PA, they seem to ship out fast. :p

    oh well, I usually have moreups than downs...
  12. Quintessence

    Quintessence Android Enthusiast

    Actually thats true; read more of thread you can find that the people in California are getting their phones later. I waited full-time for mine, while others get theres within 2 days elsewhere.

    EDIT: You had a not in there. lol
    moreups likes this.
  13. I know! What is up with this BS?!
  14. powderkegg

    powderkegg Newbie

    Ordered 8/22 online
    Estimated Ship date 9/7
    No shipping email yet.........

    This is awful!
  15. xrussx

    xrussx Well-Known Member

    Ordered via CS: 8/23
    Estimated ship date (website): 9/07/10
    Received shipping information: 8/30 @ 7:03 CST
    Est. Delivery: 8/31
  16. Charles B.

    Charles B. Lurker

    Order date: 8/23/10 (online)
    Order Confirmation E-mail: 8/23/10
    Estimated ship date (website): 9/07/10
    Estimated ship date (CSR): 9/06/10
    Shipping Notification E-mail: 08/30/10
    Anticipated ship date: 08/30/10
    Estimated delivery: 09/01/10
    Destination: Lakewood, CA

    I will be off Wed/Thurs after an 8-day work week and definitely looking forward to it!
  17. Wogs

    Wogs Member

    The wait is ova! I called this morning and she tried telling me that they couldn't look up my order in store, but that I would have to look it up on line haha. I said "No mam, I've called before and they could and the online order status doesn't work." Then she finally found it.

    Ordered 8/19
    Processed 8/20
    Droid X mania 8/20-30
    Will be delivered 9/1
  18. elir41

    elir41 Lurker

    I ordered in-store on 8/20 and still no shipping e-mail. Ordered in Las Cruces, NM.
  19. Zumi

    Zumi Android Enthusiast

    Ordered my replacement over the phone on 8/18. It's arriving today!

    Here's to hoping this one has no flaws (dead pixels, battery issues etc!)
  20. racerxe24

    racerxe24 Well-Known Member


    Order date: 8/19/10 (phone)
    Estimated ship date (website): 9/07/10
    Estimated ship date (CSR): 9/03/10
    Shipping Notification E-mail: 08/30/10
    Anticipated ship date: 08/30/10
    Estimated delivery: 08/31/10
    Destination: Jackson, MS via Ontario CA
  21. reallykool

    reallykool Newbie

    Order date: 8/17/10 (in Verizon Store)
    Estimated ship date (website): 9/07/10
    Estimated ship date (CSR): 9/03/10
    Shipping Notification E-mail: 08/30/10
    Anticipated ship date: 08/30/10
    Estimated delivery: 09/01/10
    Destination: Los Angeles, CA via Ontario CA (coz it takes 2 days to travel less than 100 miles!)
  22. lancedriskell

    lancedriskell Member

    its on the truck, on the way here!!!! should be only a few minutes now!!!
  23. Doc Holliday

    Doc Holliday Newbie

    Mine is on the truck as well. Should be getting it about 2:30 Central time. Yay can't wait!!! :D

    Edit: Just delivered. Retiring from this thread. Thanks guys and good luck!
  24. ScottL

    ScottL Lurker

    I was originally told that my X would ship on Sept 6th...but last night I recieved the email that it had shipped. UPS shows delievery for Sept. 1st.


    Edited to add: Shipped from Memphis, I am in Florida.
  25. moreups

    moreups Lurker

    I am happy to reply that I received my shipping email today. It should arrive tomorrow.
    8/18 ordered phone online for delivery to N. CA - online shipping est. 8/31
    8/30 received email with tracking number
    8/31 supposed to be delivered.

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