How Long Does The Battery Last For You?


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How long does your battery last you?

I would say that I use my phone above average but have been trying to cut back to increase my battery but not sure if it's my extended battery, my specific phone, or every Droid X2 that exists.

I can say that with above average use, I may get 12 hours of battery use.


I was able to get 48 hours of use with 37 percent charge remaining on the phone. This was normal use (though no games), and I was always in an area that had cell coverage. I stopped since Irene was blowing through, and figured it wouldn't be the best idea to have a dead phone with no electricity to recharge it.

Someone over at the XDA forums figured out that there's something screwy with some of the processes. It only happens after plugging the phone in. The only cure for this is to restart the phone. I've seen it before though. Some days after charging my phone, the battery will drop by 5% in only 20 minutes. A restart prevents this from happening until you plug the phone in again.

more info at: Battery Issue Solved (so far at least) - xda-developers