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How long does your battery last?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by B81, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. B81

    B81 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hey guys,

    Im having my Optimus One since a few days, my first smartphone and Im very satisfied with it.
    Except, after using "normal phones" for so long, having to charge the LG every day was quite a shock (even though I knew that...).

    So I'd like to know how long your batteries last and how you extend their life.

    Mine last about 24-28 hours, of moderate use.
    10-15min of calls per day
    3-5 messages per day
    30 mins of game playing per day
    almost no browsing
    no video playing/recording
    no camera
    wifi, bluetooth, gps and 3G turned off
    no taks killers or monitoring apps instaled except battery widget app
    no widgets running except smooth calendar
    all social app, mail etc. synchonisation turned manual

    The strange thing is, 3 nights ago the phone lost 9% of its energy during the night. This night, it lost 21%. With the same settings. WTF?

    I've used juice defender but uninstalled it, cause it wasnt doing anything else for me, then turning off 3G what I can do anyway per hand.

    Should I buy a app that adjust CPU strenght?

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  2. adynezu

    adynezu Lurker

    My battery lasts 2-3 days. How?
    First of all, i set the brightness of the screen to 5%, and just when i need i raise it. (Use the Power Control widget).
    I also use ES Task Manager to kill all tasks before i put the phone in stand-by.
    I turned off the vibrations everywhere.
    Any app that is using the speaker is eating the energy, so set the sound off, or use the headset. This is all i think :-?.. If i'll remember anything else, i'll post.
    Now an example: In one night, the phone loses about 2-3%.
    I'm pretty satisfied with it. 10 minutes of calls per day, 5-10 messages, over 1h playing games, over 2h wireless on, 1-2h browsing & multimedia (taking photos, video playbak, watching photos), widgets all over the 5 screens with manual sync;)
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  3. B81

    B81 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    mulcumiri, dude.

    I will try your suggestion out.
    I've also downloaded Android assitant, to have a better look at what drains battery.
  4. adynezu

    adynezu Lurker

    Don't forget that every process drains your battery... i had some utility apps, that i realized did more harm than good and now i only use the task manager and Mini Info (widget) to show exact battery status.
    PS: An Antivirus drains the battery, but is usefull. But if you use android market only, and no browsing, i don't see the need of the antivirus
  5. mycaermita

    mycaermita Member

    Mine lasts for 2 days max. I kill my apps every 30 minutes, put my brightness level at it's lowest and as much as possible, I don't use my speakers that much.
  6. ism09bk

    ism09bk Newbie

    mine used to last approximately 10-12 hours (wifi or 3g constant with occasional music and calls, 1-2 hrs gaming) and used to loose about 5-10% overnight.. i changed to megatron yesterday and the battery life has actually improved.. it has not lost a single % in standby mode for the last 3 hours which i find amazing.. (with wifi on!)
  7. Member420406

    Member420406 Guest

    I usually have a fully charged phone at 8am and need to plug it then about 15-20%% 12 hours later.

    I have screen brightness at almost the lowest setting, but I do use 3g alot when I'm out, when I'm home wifi is constantly connected. I also have push email and location services (latitude, weather app etc) set for automatic updating of my location. I also use my phone as my main mp3 player. I send about 40-50 messages per day and make about 5-10 minutes of calls. Also have automatic wireless sync with DoubleTwist every 6 hours

    I'm pretty satisfied with the battery for the use I get out of it although I could probably get alot longer out of it if I made some tweaks. :)
  8. B81

    B81 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I was using Android Assistant today, to kill apps every time before I turn the phone off (standy mode) and right now I have 84% battery left after 9 hours of use. Few calls, few sms, a bit of browsing and 20min playing chess.

    2 nights ago I've lost more energy while I was sleeping... :rolleyes:

    EDIT: After 24h 71% battery left.
  9. adynezu

    adynezu Lurker

    Hope you're satisfied! :)
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  10. B81

    B81 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Killing apps before stand by is the difference IMO.

    Right now Im at 46% - 33 hours runing.
    I can live with that ;)
  11. 350Rocket

    350Rocket Well-Known Member

    I use my lg shine plus a lot (not often for actual calls though) and i can kill it in half a day often with a lot of browsing and downloading. If I'm careful with moderate use i can get a day out of it. I have gotten over 40hrs out of it once but that was a record and with minimal use. I could have a defective battery the phone is not popular enough to find a trend on how long it normally lasts.

    Since i just bought an optimus one for the spare battery and charger etc it will be interesting to see how long the new battery lasts in the shine and how long the optimus lasts.
  12. here2stay

    here2stay Lurker

    Mine lasts (or used to til the screen froze) for about a day. I use taskiller a lot of the time and I use the wi fi 3g and mp3 quite a lot.
  13. SMcMeel

    SMcMeel Lurker

    Hey guys,

    Check out my Power Scheduler app which is designed to help prolong the battery life. You will be able to schedule when Wi-fi, Data, Bluetooth and Airplane Mode turn ON & OFF. You can also schedule the brightness changes.

    Power Scheduler - Android Apps and Tests - AndroidPIT


    Hope it helps,


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  14. vetdrchandan

    vetdrchandan Newbie

    mine lasts 30hrs.Is it normal
  15. Thoob

    Thoob Newbie

    Mine lasts 2 days solid. I use Juice Defender and I also disable background data. Settings, accounts and sync, background data. Makes a big difference. Also your wifi if its on and you are out and about, it drains the battery while searching. When out, disable wifi.
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  16. B81

    B81 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Mine last 2,5 days, I charge it now every third night.
  17. ot3pch4n

    ot3pch4n Lurker

    My battery lasts less than 24 hours as I use Wi-Fi heavily.
  18. jsatpal

    jsatpal Lurker

    My doesn't last more than 10 hrs.

    I constantly use 3g services so I can't really use an app like Juce defender because it shut down all data connection as soon as phone goes in sleep mode.

    May be I am doing something wrong here. Any suggestions?
  19. Thoob

    Thoob Newbie

    You can still use Juice Defender. Its totally customizable. There are settings that if you set them outside Juice Defender, juice won't change them until you allow it too.
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  20. ElDoro

    ElDoro Lurker

    How can <24 hrs with light use be considered "normal" when LG says that the battery is supposed to last 550hrs on standby and 7.5hrs in call?

    I bought my phone the other day and I'm getting under 10 hrs with hardly any use with WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS off and using an app killer. That can't be normal.
  21. pankaj16

    pankaj16 Member

    < 10 hrs cannot be normal, I agree. How old is your phone ? Usually for a new battery, it takes couple of charging cycles to get to its the full utilization capacity.

    Use the power widget to the fullest. Disable whatever is not used. Turn to manual sync. Instead of app killer, try to return to home screen manually (instead of directly hitting 'Home' key)
  22. ElDoro

    ElDoro Lurker

    *sigh* I would kill for that!

    My phone dies after 12 hrs with gps and wifi off, about 15 minutes of calls, 2-3 messages and 5-10 minutes of browsing. I'm using Android assistant and killing apps every 30 mins. Just installed Juice defender.
  23. excentris

    excentris Lurker

    FYI, this was posted on another forum:

    Worked for me!
  24. englishman

    englishman Lurker

    I am using Juice defender its working fine, battery life improved ,i am getting battery for more than 2 days
  25. Kromastorm

    Kromastorm Newbie

    Why do we require a third party app, when the feature is available in android itself? In Settings->About Phone->Battery Use.

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