Help How Many Apps Can I Install?


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I know apps vary in size but I just wondered how many apps I can download onto the phones memory?

What limits you, the memory size or the phones ability to run many at once?

Sorry if this has been asked before, I did search first but couldn't find an answer for the X10. Apologies if I missed it.
there is a special partition on the phones memeory - 130mb I think , this is purely for installing apps,when its full thats it ,no more apps will install .If the phone ever gets upgraded to 2.2 then apps can then be installed onto the memory card ,meaning pretty much no limit


Actually, you can have several apps started at the same tame and switch between them, that doesn't create lag. Only if you have apps that run in the background and do something big, while you use another app, then you will get lag. I always have music on in the background on the phone, and that doesn't create any noticeable lag.


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My name is Rosered and I'm an appaholic!

Thanks for the answers. I was wondering because I keep seeing all these good apps suggested on different forums. and was worried about somehow blocking up my phone by downloading them. Having said that my app addiction has led me into battery drain territory this week and it took a bit of figuring which one it was. I am now on an app diet, only one a day so I can tell if its the new one that messes up the system. I have also ditched ones that are just a five minute wonder, but you know what they say - you have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince!


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There is many apps that install themself on the SD card. So sky can be your limit for install. And i often use many apps at the same time and i can use 10+ apps at the same time and i notice no lags or slowdowns what soever....i just love the power of that phone!