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How many of us are still on our ORIGINAL EVO?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by exclamation_mark, Oct 27, 2010.


Are you still using your first EVO?

  1. YES! I'm still using my first original EVO

  2. NOPE! I had to trade it back or replace it for some reason

  1. exclamation_mark

    exclamation_mark Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I'm curious how many people are still on your original EVO? You havent traded one in or had to replace it etc..

    I'm still using the EVO I waited in line for on June 4th, and i still love it. :)

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  2. BenChase7

    BenChase7 Android Expert

    unfortunately I cannot vote twice... so, put me down for 2! Two original EVOs in the house (mine and my Girl friends). Both are flawless! :)
  3. Rhonen

    Rhonen Well-Known Member

    I'm still on my launch day Evo.
  4. jonwlewis

    jonwlewis Well-Known Member

    Still on my first EVO also. I have had it for a few months now.
  5. dakidobf

    dakidobf Member

    I think you should specify if you mean still on your June 4th launch day Evo. If thats what you're really looking for. Unfortuantely I'm on my 3rd. Charger port went bad on the launch day Evo after about 2 months. Got a refurb, screen went bad after about 2 weeks, got another refurb that has been great ever since. Knock on wood.
  6. IAmSixNine

    IAmSixNine Well-Known Member

    I am on my laundh day evo.
  7. Got mine Sept 28, still on it.
  8. kencrudup

    kencrudup Android Enthusiast

    Got mine from Google I/O; no problems whatsoever (like 99% of the people out there, I'm guessing).
    BenChase7 likes this.
  9. HTCeasar

    HTCeasar Well-Known Member

    Still on OG Evo from release day. No issues my friend. Haven't looked back since. Phone is a beast. Even dropped it a few times. No marks or scrapes.
  10. ToNrDrOiD

    ToNrDrOiD Member

    i am on my original EVO but have the common issues that have been going around with it... i have the stress crack next to my power button .. and on the left hand bottom side of screen .. the screen clicks sometimes as if the glass is lifted off the device ...
  11. SoFLO

    SoFLO Guest

    I have my original launch day EVO as well. No problems so far thankfully.
  12. Deleted User

    Deleted User Guest

    Launch day EVO here. Front camera wasn't working initially but I ignored it and one day it just started working. No other issues at all.
  13. *king*

    *king* Newbie

    2 launch day evos, no issues. Just wish I wasn't a few miles outside of 4g coverage at home
  14. aburgthing

    aburgthing Well-Known Member

    Pre-ordered launch day Evo here. No problems other than correctable "newbie" errors.
  15. uniquenameEVO

    uniquenameEVO Android Enthusiast

    Launch day evo also. Thinking I may have to return it soon. I don't need to complain about the battery enough. Lots of people think it sucks, where mine does exactly what I hoped for and more.
    BenChase7 likes this.
  16. Tonay

    Tonay Lurker

    Still on my Google I/O EVO... no problems whatsover. Rooted with Myn's RLS2, Kings Kernel #9
  17. googliamoog

    googliamoog Lurker

    still on original evo, picked up week and a half after launch.

    girlfriend also on her original, picked up about a month and a half ago.

    both working great.
  18. brownhornet

    brownhornet Android Enthusiast

  19. toomuchgame441

    toomuchgame441 Android Expert

    Still on my original and loving it.
  20. Original EVO, HW version 3. picked it up 8/6/10. No issues and lovin' it!
  21. sleepymama

    sleepymama Newbie

    original evo here, had it since June. no complaints. i love my evo! :)
  22. XOS THW

    XOS THW Well-Known Member

    Original, since day after launch.
  23. wolverinex

    wolverinex Newbie

    Having a wonderful time with my launch day evolution !! Have not had one problem .Hardware version

  24. Barats

    Barats Android Enthusiast

  25. Original right here Since Launch Day GUYS!!

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