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How many others are totally unhappy with 2.1?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Rcecarbldr, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. Rcecarbldr

    Rcecarbldr Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    I am!! This thing is a slow pig and the majority of the time doesn't ring at all so I miss lots of phone calls. I've done a hard reset and reloaded 2.1 and still the same results. Of all the phones I've had over the years I've never had one that frustrates me as much as this one. I love all the apps but I'm really considering going back to a more basic phone. This thing just aggravates me way too much.

  2. Thefoodman52

    Thefoodman52 Android Expert

    Honestly, the 2.1 update makes the 'phone' completely useless. It's a great multi-media device and time killer, but it sucks the wiener for use as a communication device now. That's probably my only reason for going over to an Evo. I mean, pressing 'call' and then have the phone magically dial and connect 2 minutes later after you've already turned the screen off is just flat out ****ed.
  3. Firehawk

    Firehawk Member

    Can't help but agree with you on this one
  4. scottmbolt

    scottmbolt Android Enthusiast

    HTC shat the bed with this update.
  5. victrola

    victrola Newbie

    i totally agree. i was talking about this with someone the other day.

    since i've had a smartphone -- the samsung i300 -- i've never had a smartphone be the best one at being the "smart" part, and almost useless on the "phone" part. i guess not really "useless", cause it does make calls when it wants to.

    am i safe to assume that the phone's shortcomings is not a result of android, and more an htc problem? because my last phone (a palm centro) was a far better phone than this one. do non-htc android phones have the same problem with the phone part of their android experience?
  6. joseamirandavelez

    joseamirandavelez Well-Known Member

    I agree... sadly...
  7. darodiho

    darodiho Lurker

    you all must have a defective phone.
  8. darodiho

    darodiho Lurker

    also upgraded from a blackberry curve and the hero is a major improvement... waiting for the bugs to be fixed on the 4g before upgrading again next year :) remember the hero only have a 500mhz processor. I believe thats the same speed as a palm. overall the hero is a great phone. if you people that complain about it being slow get a faster phone :)
  9. scottmbolt

    scottmbolt Android Enthusiast

    lol... riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight
  10. victrola

    victrola Newbie

    i really wish that is true.

    here's an unexaggerated example.

    on my way home, i called my wife's cell using the speed dial long press on a number on the keypad. she didn't answer, so i hung up. then, still on the phone screen, i tapped on our home number which was the second entry on the call list. nothing happens. i tried long pressing on the speed dial key assigned for our home number. still nothing. about 30 seconds goes by and i'm thinking that the phone has locked up. finally, it calls home. and, i notice that on the other line is also a call to home and it's currently on hold.

    now, 30 seconds doesn't seem as long as people have been saying it takes. but, when you're used to making calls and know how long that process usually takes, it's an eternity.

    again, there must be a weird lost-in-space-"does-not-compute" thing going on in the people app and the phone because it sometimes is easier to type the person's phone number rather than going thru the people app.

    am i wrong there?
  11. aceofspades626

    aceofspades626 Well-Known Member

    mine's no worse than before.
    And all the other good stuff is better :)
    2.1 is hot!

    Caveat: Fresh 2.1.1 and LauncherPro Beta
    ditch that slow @$$ Sense stuff.
  12. big_z

    big_z Android Enthusiast

    Had a very similar experience calling my girlfriend yesterday. I counted 20 seconds before I gave up and figured the UI didn't register my dialing action. Turns out it was just in lag limbo.
  13. Fredro

    Fredro Newbie

    Sad to say, but this phone is absolutely a joke. I cannot be any more excited to be walking away from this phone in 8 hours. I was super excited for the update, and was let down beyond belief when it came out and my phone became useless.

    I'll be rolling back to 1.5 before the new owner of my hero takes possession.
  14. mooshell

    mooshell Newbie

    I've not had any problems with version 2.1 It's light years better than version 1.5. Whatever the problems are people having I'm not not experiencing it on my phone.
  15. victrola

    victrola Newbie

    so it is Sense, then?

    i was talking about the lag to a buddy of mine who has a droid. he didn't seem to deal with this problem.

    does anyone else not running Sense have the phone lag issue?

    really, overall, i'm pretty content with the phone. it's only when i have to use the phone that i want to throw it out the window.
  16. oaksld

    oaksld Newbie

    I agree... I don't have any problems with my phone that I wouldn't expect with any other os.. they all have their quirks
  17. Lozer_Kid

    Lozer_Kid Android Enthusiast

    I agree! My phone works a lot better than before installing the official 2.1 update. I hated 1.5 so bad!!!
  18. kutsushita

    kutsushita Member

    I guess all three of my phones sprint has swapped me have been defective... Not the software at all. ;)
  19. big_z

    big_z Android Enthusiast

    Had another interesting experience last night. My girlfriend called me; I had my phone face up on the kitchen table. I saw the screen light up with her name (and I think Facebook picture, I don't remember for sure but I do have her contact associated with a Facebook profile). I have a custom ringtone just for her and it never played. It never vibrated either. I waited a beat to see if it would start playing and vibrating but it never did. I grabbed it and started mashing the answer button but to no avail; she went to to voicemail.

    I have to think that this isn't a slot cycle issue because the phone obviously received some kind of signal to start ringing, it just sucks at ringing. I don't know how or why you'd make a phone that sucks at ringing but I guess I'm not a quietly brilliant High Tech Computer Corporation.
  20. V425

    V425 Android Enthusiast

    I think its definitely a combination of factors. I'm still on 1.5 but I have noticed that when a call comes in everything happens in stages, the visual stuff happens first but if you're not looking at the phone then you wouldn't realize it right away, it then vibrates which you also might not notice, then it will ring. So several seconds are lost before the phone rings, if you add in the slot index cycle lag then you're phone may not have enough time to go through all the stages of visual, vibration, ring. At least not in time to actually answer the phone before it goes to voicemail.
  21. Hemlox

    Hemlox Member

    To be honest, I am very happy with the 2.1 update. I am having no problems with my phone. I have no ring delay, it rings on the first ring. I have no lag whatsoever on the phone. I can go a full day, from 8 am to 12 midnight without charging my phone. I don't understand why so many of you are having all these problems with your phones. We all have the same phones, and use the same OS, it does not make sense to me. Those of you that are having problems my heart goes out to you. I hope you find a way to resolve your issues. I wish I could tell you something that would fix the problems, but all I know is that I upgraded to 2.1 with my computer, and everything has been fine. I hope you find a fix soon.
  22. joseamirandavelez

    joseamirandavelez Well-Known Member

    Same phone, same OS but not the same usage. I agree that the battery is way better now. But they screwed the phone. Everything that is HTC is broken on this phone. It seems as it was not programmed for this phone.
  23. aceofspades626

    aceofspades626 Well-Known Member

    Seems like everyone's results are being kinda particular to their phone or what apps they have running. Some X factor nobody can seem to nail down.

    You have nothing to lose by installing home switcher and LauncherPro. Give it a shot. Losing the Sense widgets is a shock at first, but it really is all replaceable.
  24. victrola

    victrola Newbie

    i'm happy with the battery life and a few other things.

    the phone does work most of the times. i agree with V425 in his analysis that the phone works in stages.

    where i fight the phone a lot is when i try to use it when i'm in a hurry. i like my devices to be as fast as i am. or at least as fast as my mind works. it's when i'm trying to do three things at once that the phone fights me. much like my two year old daughter fights me when she doesn't want to go to bed and it's time to go to bed.

    i think those of us that are having similar problems should list out what apps we're using. then, cross-reference it with apps of those users who say there's no lag for them.

    just this morning, i noticed my phone turned on. then, there was an image of the caller. no vibrate nor ringer. i answered the phone just as the vibration was starting.

  25. KitsapAndroid

    KitsapAndroid Android Enthusiast

    Overall I am fairly happy with the 2.1 update. The dialer lag and the keyboard lag are an issue, but not one that I can't adapt to. My biggest complaint is that when I press the end call on the phone, it doesn't end the call. It just brings up my dialer. Then I have to use my notification bar to go back to the call and press the end call again to hang up. Weird thing is, this has only started in the last couple of days and I have not installed any new apps during this time. The thing is is though, even that is not a deal breaker because I love what I CAN do with the phone. Just my .02.

    EDIT: Almost forgot, the battery life on this phone is no issue for me, nor was it ever with 1.5.

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