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how much control over your phone does Google and devs have?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Shutech, Jul 7, 2010.

  1. Shutech

    Shutech Member
    Thread Starter

    Feb 13, 2010
    Ok after a few deals where things seemed a little amiss with stuff happening on their own on my Moto Droid I have found a good example and wonder what other people think about this question.

    Not to long ago I read somewhere about confirmation that Google can go into your phone and wipe apps and make changes on the fly with push technology and no notice. How true is this and can Devs do the same thing?

    About a month ago a program that I used regularly after trying to start it I get a msg that the program can not be found.

    I went to the Market download and it was shown that it was installed but that there was an Update for it. Updated and everything was fine. (Did the devs for that app do a push to inactivate the app because the update was critical and had to be installed?)

    Now just last week I updated the Application Where and after the update when trying to run it from a home screen or from the App menu it would say program not found. I had to actually go to Market--Downloads hit Where and then when the app screen popped up with the Open and Uninstall button at the bottom use the open button to get it to run.

    I proceeded to uninstall the program and reinstall and still same problem.

    I wrote Where and told them of my problem on Friday.

    Yesterday Tuesday I got a response.

    They changed their name from Where to WHERE and it was causing problems and that I should delete any homepage icons and use the menu Icon.

    I then went to the menu icon hit it and the program ran.

    The thing is there was no updates. I did a uninstall/install on the program. tried to run the program from the menu Icon and no success. Now after an email from WHERE I go to the icon on the menu screen and it works.

    Call me paranoid or what but I know that WHERE did a silent push to my phone that can be the only answer.



  2. CardinalFan22

    CardinalFan22 Active Member

    Dec 13, 2009
    dont you read all the access you give the app/dev right before you ok the download. you give most apps almost complete control of alot of things on your phone which i dont like but some of the apps i need. i am pretty paranoid to about this kinda stuff

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